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  1. Nope, no special rules. This is the third year of the league, so those rules should probably be introduced (or at least suggested) at some point- maybe have a 2 or 3 year maximum time limit on keepers. Our commish is one of the people who DOESN'T have a stacked team, so I'm sure he'd at least put it to the vote.
  2. I just feel bad for the new people coming in (from those who took their dues and got out), and the bottom half of the league. Not even a semblance of parity. But, I'm not a quitter. So I'll just titter to myself and do what I can.
  3. In a twelve team, 3 keeper league. My keepers are AB/Adams/Shady. Thought I was in good shape, until I remembered that we have one team keeping DJ/Kamara/Cook, and another keeping Bell/Gurley/Fournette. Time to figure out some trades, I guess... or I'm playing for third.
  4. Down 13. Need Freeman to outscore Julio and Crosby by 14 or so. ... Seems unlikely.
  5. I noticed headline says it's a 12 team, but settings say 14. Did that change?
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