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  1. Minshew 20 of 21 for 450+ and 4 Fitz 30 of 45 for 400 and 5 (4 int) JRob 18 for 125 and 1, plus 3 for 60 and 1 receiving Jags win, 35-34. Phins kicker misses XP with time expired.
  2. I think KC jumps out to an early lead and Henry doesn't get the monster volume due to game script.
  3. He's increased his usage year over year. I'd expect a minor uptick if nothing else to keep the trend. I have a hunch Lewis will be gone for cap reasons. If Henry gets a big deal they may wanna justify it by using him more. He's really good in the screen game so it'd be a logical progression to take advantage of it more. If he had 20 this year, I think 25 is a reasonable expectation, but there's upside for 40. That's 2.5 recs per game -- he doesn't need to be CMC to get a screen or two and a dumpoff per game.
  4. It keeps the defense on its heels if nothing else. The Titans are running downhill or throwing play action and either way, defenses are crashing down to try and disrupt it...and it's still working. A screen gets behind aggression and punishes you. When Tannehill is throwing to the play action read accurately and on time, with the space Henry's run-threat creates, the offense is hard to stop. But it's stoppable with blitzing and aggression. Work in a screen every other drive and it's damn near unstoppable.
  5. Why would it decline? I'd guess it improves as they involve him in the passing game more.
  6. He finished RB12 this year after the terrible start, with a terrible OL, swapping QBs back and forth, and a first-time-HC-and-playcaller. AJG was out. He's getting Joe Burrow next year. OL will be healthy, and they'll probably add more to it. 2nd year of a new offense is typically better than the 1st. Taylor appears to have learned to feature Mixon. AJG may be back. He's a top 3 talent at the position right now, in my opinion. I think CMC and Saquon finish ahead of him, then I could see a number of guys like Mixon, Zeke, Dalvin, Kamara, Chubb, Henry, or Jones vying for t
  7. Joe Mixon will be a top 5 RB that you will probably be able to get in the 2nd round. Nick Chubb had bad touchdown luck, and if Hunt is gone and they add OL, he'll also be top 5. If Kansas City drafts Taylor, Swift, Etienne, or Dobbins, they are worth a late 1st / early 2nd pick.
  8. Imagine if they throw to him a little more next year. No Lewan suspension to open the year either. There's upside for more...
  9. Guys, we did it. We made it to the mountain top. I can't believe it!
  10. Some are smart. Some are bad. I'm saying that one late round pick has the ability to make teams who previously would finish in the bottom of their league now finish near the top. If one pick can make that much of a difference for a bad owner, think of what it can do for a good owner. Instead of spending so much time splitting hairs on the right early round pick, I'll be focusing more on what QBs I need to be sure to draft late.
  11. My biggest takeaways this year: - Finding the right late round quarterback is the skeleton key to fantasy success. Bad owners make playoffs and win leagues because they grab Lamar, or Mahomes last year, or Ryan the year before, or Wilson his 2nd year, etc etc etc. Every year. This is the secret. They key to money. Find and pick the right late round qb. I'll probably wait next year then spam the position with like 3 picks in 4 late rounds. Potential targets: Kyler, Danny Dimes, Tannehill, Burrow. Maybe Wentz if they get some stud receivers in the draft. All those guys can
  12. He's been a bust this year, but you start him against Miami.
  13. With ease. I was thinking, after CMC, who the next RBs would be? Dalvin, Saquon, Henry, Zeke, and Chubb are all probably first rounders. After that, who knows? Jacobs, Jones?
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