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  1. im waiting for bill to call 4 backwards passes on one play..he is capeable
  2. remember a few years ago when Bill had a gameplan to stop Ray Rice...didnt happen
  3. based on Sportsbook lines Bills Titans Saints Seahawks
  4. he is killing my WIN...1 point..and this stupid playcalling from 4yd...Kitchens needs to go
  5. Parker...not close....Im in 5 champs game thanks to him
  6. sent Julio for Ingram during Ravens bye but also sent Conner for Gordon..Josh..I dont know what I was thinking
  7. 25 points from Ingram, GUS Edwards and Littleton in standard with IDP
  8. you think he will be back with Bears? if not, I can imagine other team hire him..Trubisky is terrible but I would like to see him under let say McVay...I dont know if Jeff Fisher is worse thank Nagy..seriously..he is that bad
  9. clearly his sex life affects his performance..
  10. the line for this game suggests Falcons should be in game. Who knows, maybe Quinn hasnt lost the locker room and last week @ Saints wasnt a fluke. I think Jones will have a good game here.
  11. against Dallas...perfect time for a revenge..go Bo go!
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