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  1. if theres still an opening ill join. league i was in didnt reactivate so i have one slot to fill. very experienced. very active. and i dont take on too many teams! maupassant@sbcglobal.net
  2. id be happy to join. dont overload myself with a ton of teams. been playing for 20 years. very competitive. maupassant@sbcglobal.net
  3. person never joined. team is still up for grabs. a lot of very solid young keepers....who is interested!
  4. nashed potatoes and mcgrady - drummond, lillard, jamal murray, gobert, mirotic, ingles, steph curry are some of the key players http://fantasy.espn.com/basketball/team?leagueId=2608&teamId=3 Idaho celticsfan - kyrie irving, julius randle, blake griffin, cauley-stein, horford, wiggins, barnes and cousins are a few key players. http://fantasy.espn.com/basketball/team?leagueId=2608&seasonId=2019&teamId=11 leave email if interested and specify which team.
  5. the owner of deer hunter is proposing a team swap with whoever is joining the league. his team has ingram, gordon, rondo, ibaka, barnes, jrue holiday, hart, aldridge, klove to name a few. http://fantasy.espn.com/basketball/team?leagueId=174047&teamId=12 if youd rather have deer hunter instead of the first team listed -- lakewood warriors -- thats doable.
  6. ben simmons, zach lavine, gobert, lavert, kris dunn, deandre jordan, klay thompson, jamal murray to name a few on this team http://fantasy.espn.com/basketball/team?leagueId=174047&teamId=4 if interested leave email address
  7. these two teams are in two separate leagues so if you want both teams that can be done as well. leave email address to send the invite. springfield isotops - http://games.espn.com/flb/clubhouse?leagueId=1462&teamId=12&seasonId=2018 li voyagers vii - http://games.espn.com/flb/clubhouse?leagueId=99907&teamId=4&seasonId=2018
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