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  1. In and paid. Thanks for the invite - excited for the season to start.
  2. Great - draft starts in 11 minutes. Thanks for getting that done!
  3. All paid and joined! I'll set the draft up - see you all soon!
  4. Draft at 6pm EST - will setup once all are paid. 2 left to pay - will replace very shortly if they don't pay in next minute
  5. I tried to send you an invite. I also messaged you the link to join the league. Check your messages
  6. I believe league is full, but not everyone has paid yet. Give it 5 minutes or so - and we may need to replace someone.
  7. League is full - PAY quickly - or I may need to replace owners. Draft in about an hour, so let's get this done fast.
  8. Most likely...a couple people haven't joined yet. If they don't join in next minute I'll send you an invite.
  9. JOIN and Pay - otherwise I will need to replace you. Still a couple owners that have not joined.
  10. Looks like we will fill. Join and pay now - so we can get all setup for the draft. Leaguesafe link: https://leaguesafe.com/join/3910928
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