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  1. I just watched the highlights, he was looking like last year Jokic. This Milsap injury could be a blessing in disguise.
  2. Tedosic once we get some info on his timetable, once he's back he should be locked into 30 mpg role
  3. ??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️ I'll wait for more info but if he's gonna be out longer than 4-6 weeks I'm gonna have to drop him. No IR spot in my league.
  4. Nicolas Batum (elbow) is expected to play between 20-22 minutes against the Cavs on Wednesday. He'll be starting with Kemba Walker, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Marvin Williams and Dwight Howard, so Jeremy Lamb moves to the bench here. Batum is still likely going to have his minutes managed for a couple games, but he should be added in all leagues. As for Lamb, he may still have value because coach Steve Clifford said he wants to play him heavy minutes. Source: Hornets on Twitter Nov 15 - 6:21 PM PS didn't realize it was already posted, page d
  5. I thought about that myself but I honestly think he'll play all 3. Had it been a lower body injury then there would be a real danger of him having to sit out one of the games. As for the mins he should get 20-25. Most coaches go with the 5-6 min stints each quarter I've been noticing when they're tryna get a player up to speed.
  6. Conditioning and game conditioning are two very different things.
  7. The Jazz offense is just abysmal, until they get it sorted out we're gonna be feeling the pain of these horrible lines.
  8. What kind of leagues are you guys in where dropping Jokic is even remotely a good idea? He's not even as frustrating to own as he was last year and look how that turned out. Dropping him is a mistake.
  9. This kid is money in the bank for my punt points team.
  10. This^^^ Also what categories you're punting make a difference as well. I'm punting points and needed efficient shooting to make my team work so Harris was perfect for where I got him. (7th round/83rd pick in a 12 teamer: ??)
  11. My sentiments EXACTLY. I actually did this EXACT same drop add a couple days ago lol.
  12. Absolutely, I see his floor on spg being 1.5 with a decent probability of finishing at around 1.7-1.8. His production has tailed off because the Jazz offense on a whole has tailed off. The Hayward loss just keeps looking more and more evident. Mitchell and Hood are their best offensive weapons from the perimeter (and arguably the team) and they're consistently inconsistent
  13. I didn't see the 3rd but the 2nd was also questionable. Grant flopped on contact.
  14. He had arthroscopic surgery to begin the season last year I believe, but if they're labeling it as soreness I wouldn't concern myself too much with it. Drafting Beverley I was well aware he's not the kind of player who'll make it through the whole season unscathed, should only be 2-4 games max and we'll have our guy back.
  15. I picked him up because Rubio atm isn't anchoring my assists as much as expected. Seeing how much more comfortable he looks compared to the beginning of the season, I think it'll pay off.
  16. Came outta nowhere too, he was money at the line up until this gem lol
  17. I'm in the exact same boat, thought I would be punting fts and I've won the category every week so far lol
  18. 42 mins is overkill, I need Bev healthy this season! I get that Tedosic is hurt but Lou only played 18 mins.
  19. Got him with the last pick in my draft. As much as I don't like rejoicing for guys to be injured, the McGruder news guarantees him 30+ mpg now. I couldn't be more grateful, he absolutely has top 75 potential.
  20. If it's not a points league I would be very interested. Ledwards1011@gmail.com
  21. Experienced owner looking for 1-2 H2H leagues, preferably auction draft but I wouldn't mind another snake draft. 10-12 team preferably as well.
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