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  1. Drafting this weekend and having a tough time deciding what to do. 10 team standard, 6pt all tds. Im drafting #1 and am torn on what to do on the way back at #20 based on my keepers. Current Roster (including #1 overall) Murray (5th) CMC (1st) Gibson (3rd) Waller (7th) Based on other keepers, below are my likely options that im seeing in mocks: RB: Montgomery, Jacobs, Swift, Carson WR: Robinson, Julio, Godwin, Evans Im having a hard time because Gibson is costing me my 3rd. So no matter what I pick here, I wont get another pick for 20 spots. If I go rb,rb,rb then im looking at someone like Kupp,OBJ,Golladay as my WR1. But If I go with one of the wr's above at #3, then rb is a wasteland based on keepers.
  2. Reaching for him in the 4th would literally be 1 pick earlier than im keeping him for since im at the turn lol 100% chance he wont be there. Likely to be taken early 3rd
  3. Ive been trying to decipher this for far too long lol
  4. Thanks. Its a tough one especially with the unknown of Burrow. Its either keep Higgins and potentially draft 3 top 15 rbs, or keep Murray (whos essentially a qb and rb2) and have a 50 point floor with him and cmc every game.
  5. 10 team standard - 6pt passing TD (qb's are super overvalued and multiple are usually drafted by league mates) Drafting from #1 and taking CMC. Can only keep 3 of the 4 players I have on my board below. I cant decide between Murray in 5th or Higgins in 10th. Pretty set on Gibson and Waller already. I like Murray in the 5th based on this league and the number of other top keeper QBs, but I dont like feeling forced to take WR at #20 and #40. Then I only have #60 for a flex. My mocks have been getting CEH, Najee, Montgomery, Julio, Robinson at 20. Atleast with having Higgins then I can feel a little bit better going rb, rb, rb if thats the best available player. IMO Najee/CEH > Robinson. Possible outcomes: Murray CMC Gibson Julio/Robinson D.Johnson/Kupp Waller CMC Gibson CEH/Najee/Dobbins Kupp/Thomas/JuJu HIggins Waller Later round qb - Tannehill?
  6. I currently have Gibson. So your suggesting not to take the deal?
  7. 10 team standard keeper league. Im in 1st place by a game and just trying to strengthen anywhere I can for a push. Give: Gibson (3rd round keeper next year) Get: Gurley (no keeper) My only main concern is Gurley's longevity. I dont see myself keeping Gibson next year in the 3rd based on my other keepers but wouldn't hate having the option going into next season. Either way I've pretty much gone all in to make it happen this year. Gisbon playoff schedule: Pit, SF, Sea Gurley playoff schedule: LAC, TB, KC Keep in mind Im in a pretty good position for a bye. I also have Ridley if that makes any difference for being on the same team as gurley. Other RBs: Sanders, Carson, Gio, Duke, Edwards
  8. Id pass. Trade looks good on paper but I've owned Waller for 2 years and hes' far too inconsistent to give up Kelce for. Help?
  9. Standard or ppr? Kirk, Higgins, Samuels, Aiyuk in that order Help?
  10. Tough one. His trade value is likely at an all time low but any owner whos held him this long will probably be looking to get top 10 capital. I'd pass based on your current Wrs Help?
  11. 10 team standard keeper league - 6pt passing TDs. Im in 1st place thanks to lowest points against and trying to beef up my team for the playoffs. I currently have 2 trade offers from the last place teams looking for my keepers. Trade 1: Give: Conner & Jefferson Get: Murray & Hopkins Trade 2: Give: Conner & Jefferson Get: Gurley, Mixon, Woods My team: QB: Wentz, Big Ben RB: Conner, Carson, Sanders, Gibson, Dallas WR: Ridley, Chark, Moore, Higgins, Aiyuk TE: Waller QBs are very overvalued in this league so theres nothing on the waiver. I've been struggling to put up 20 points with my two guys. Trade 1 will fix that and Hopkins will give me a second stud receiver once Ridley is healthy. Murray/Hopkins stack has a floor of 40 points in our league. Trade 2 give leaves me starting 4 top 10 RBs if all are healthy. Depending on matchup - is that enough to cover poor qb play through the playoffs?
  12. 10 team standard, 6pt all TDs. Im currently in 2nd place thanks to the lowest points against in the league and play the 1st place powerhouse team next week. I have depth with Sanders and Carson but both are injured. My QBs have been horrible and averaging under 20 points. This league overvalues QB's so theres nothing available on the wire. Any notable keepers have the round pick that they would cost next season. My Team: QB: Wentz, Ben RB: Conner (6th), Sanders, Carson, Gio, Gibson (3rd), Dallas WR: Ridley, Moore, Jefferson (10th), Chark (8th), Higgins (10th), Aiyuk (10th) TE: Waller (7th) His Team: QB: Kyler (5th) RB: Jacobs, Montgomery (3rd), Scott, Mattison, Mostert WR: Hopkins, Kupp, Claypool (10th), Fulgham (10th), Juju (4th), Parker TE: Henry
  13. I'd pass and ride cook. Last year he proved to be matchup proof and should do just fine if he stays healthy. help?
  14. I think passing has more potential upside. Nothing your getting is a lock for keeper so id ride out edmonds and see how he performs with the lead role. Help?
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