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  1. I need one more catch from OBJ for two yards to beat the first place team in my league. Pretty sure he didn't have a catch for the last 1 1/2 quarters of the game, though he was targeted. That one screen pass would have won it but it was call back for holding. Lost by 0.3. Fingers crossed for a stat correction.
  2. I can get a goose egg from a TE with at least some upside. ASJ has none at this point. C'ya.
  3. Just need 38 from Jake Elliott. Here we go!
  4. I could never get my WR position fixed once I lost OBJ. Two of my promising replacements lost their QB (Fuller and Anderson). The receivers I played in championship both put up duds (Gordon and Goodwin).
  5. Started Goodwin and Jags DST. So this kinda sucks.
  6. 73 yards in a half is pretty good. But yeah, we needs TDs to get a Gurley-like performance.
  7. I wasn’t looking for the crazy numbers, but this was terrible. It was still worth a shot given his ceiling. Surprising downtrend the last couple of weeks.
  8. Now I just got credit for it. Maybe because Cam recovered his own fumble. That would make it different from the Agholor play.
  9. Doesn’t count. Same thing happened a few weeks ago when Agholor recovered a fumble.
  10. Apparently Cam fumbled and recovered for the TD. Based on your league, you may not get credit.
  11. Thanks a lot Cam. Fumble recovery does me no good.
  12. I’m facing Goff. I am not having a good holiday.
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