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  1. 12 Teams - H2H Points w/playoffs and equal payout to regular season point champ $600 pot - $225 Regular Season Points - $225 Playoff Champ - $100 Runner Up - $50 3rd ESPN league sign up: https://fantasy.espn.com/baseball/league/join?leagueId=912142587&inviteId=81a82d91-7985-4190-bd72-11688ef9edbb LeagueSafe: https://leaguesafe.com/join/3970043 Any questions message me.
  2. Hey I'd love to join your $50 league that's drafting tonight. Thanks!

    1. Meastoftheeast


      Cool, check out the leaguesafe and espn links and send me your email.  As soon as $50 is deposited I will send invite.  

  3. Need 2-4 teams for tomorrow's draft 3/25 @ 8pm EST. ESPN link: https://fantasy.espn.com/baseball/league/join?leagueId=912142587&inviteId=81a82d91-7985-4190-bd72-11688ef9edbb LeagueSafe: https://leaguesafe.com/join/3970043 Format: H2H Points w/playoffs, regular season "roto" champ will be awarded same payout as playoff champion. Message me if you are interested. BASIC INFO League Name Fantasy Baseball Addicts Number of Teams 12 Scoring Type
  4. https://www.pitcherlist.com/franch-ise-player-why-franchy-cordero-is-the-ultimate-sleeper/ https://www.stackattackfantasy.com/post/late-round-sleepers-adp-bargains-after-300
  5. C.J. Cron seems like he could return some value to owners this year. Penciled in as Detroit's everyday cleanup hitter. Elite statcast numbers. Healthy now. Detroit's lineup will stink and Cron has strong LHP/RHP splits but he won't cost you much. https://www.pitcherlist.com/going-deep-as-the-cron-flies-under-the-radar/ https://baseballsavant.mlb.com/savant-player/c-j-cron-543068?stats=statcast-r-hitting-mlb https://www.rosterresource.com/mlb-detroit-tigers
  6. 2/28/20 Longenhagen FG"s chat: 12:07 Reynolds: you mentioned that Heriberto was your favorite guy from back half of top 100. what makes him special to you/separates him from peers on the list? 12:08 Eric A Longenhagen: I just like watching him rake. It’s ‘favorite’ in the same way that butter pecan is my favorite, not that I like Heriberto more than others from an analysis standpoint. I’ve just never seen a player hit the ball so hard so consistently here in Arizona in
  7. Super Excited about this guys as well! Some information about where he could end up on diamond: “I think the plan right now is to find creative ways to keep his bat in the lineup every day,” Hagen says. “We’re honestly not sure where he will ultimately end up (defensively), but with the trend within the game, we know that versatility will only help his case. He will get plenty of work (in camp) in the outfield on his routes, angles, ground balls and most importantly, in-game reads.” At 6’1, Hernandez is not much bigger than Khris Davis, and there are those who believe his power pote
  8. Preseason wouldn't be complete without some muscle gain talk: Kieboom enters spring training with a real opportunity to win the everyday third base job vacated by Anthony Rendon's departure, Nationals manager Davey Martinez told reporters Friday. “He deserves a shot to make the team,” Martinez said. “We need to fill a void at third base, and we think he's appropriate. He can do the job. I wasn't at Winterfest, but the guys there said he put on about 15-20 pounds of muscle, so I'm looking forward to watching him play there. "What I want to do, and I'm going to talk to him in the
  9. 5 GS 4 Starts: 12.13 K/9 3.91 ERA 3.96 FIP 4.18 xFIP 25.5 K-BB% 3.50 SIERA 39.8 O-Swing% 16.8 SwStr% Small sample size and majority of it comes from gem he pitched vs. Boston but not a bad guy to take a flyer on. Has a plus curveball which is filth, not so sure about rest of his arsenal.
  10. He has batted cleanup for the Orioles for the whole Toronto series (past 3 games). The first game of the series (6/12) he started at DH over Chris Davis...... "And I want to see Sisco play, to be honest with you." - Orioles manager Brandon Hyde With the Orioles drafting Adley Rutschman in this past draft, it makes sense that they want to see what they have in Sisco now. He hasn't had noticeable R/L spits in the upper minors the past couple of years. If he is splitting time with Pedro Severino at C but also picking up starts at DH and batting cleanup he could be an interesting ca
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