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  1. Me and 2 friends are looking for a 50 dollar auction league to join bhowells95@gmail.com
  2. Shoot me an email later if this gets close to filling. Me and 2 friends are looking for a $50 auction. (Not 100 don't want to go that high). Thanks bhowells95@gmail.com
  3. I have me and my buddy bhowells95@gmail.com paul1efp@gmail.com
  4. Email me bhowells95@gmail.com My 2 friends and I are interested. I'll talk to them but you should have 3 people who are in
  5. Bump, 3 owners still looking for a league with a draft today that's not expensive or too deep (y'all are killing me with these like 40 man rosters and 20 team leagues lol)
  6. We can't do the 7 pm 50 dollar one mostly cause it's 50. We are looking 20 max
  7. Looking for league drafting tomorrow for me and my 2 friends. Want it to be paid but cheap so like 10-20$ Other than that pretty flexible Let me know!
  8. Like title says looking for a keeper league Preferences: -Roto -50$ or under -4/5 keepers or more (ideal would be around 10ish) Pretty open to anything though as long as its not too expensive or I'm rostering like AA guys lol Thanks
  9. Im interested. Hit me up at bhowells95@gmail.com if spots are still open
  10. Email me at bhowells95@gmail.com for more info or for an invite (I'm not the league owner but I will refer you to him) http://games.espn.com/fhl/leagueoffice?leagueId=62303 Get in before it fills up!!
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