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  1. Very interested. Been looking for a good dynasty league but so many have owners that quit mid-season or after 1. Over 10 years experience here, not saying I was successful but I'm always all-in until the bitter end. Have managed a couple leagues also so sympathetic to the LM's. bpisarsky68@gmail.com
  2. Got a spot that just opened. Draft at 7pm today so its a rush job. Need one owner asap. Give email and ill send invite.
  3. Still one spot open. Just need email for invite. First come first served.
  4. Give email and i will send invite. Still one spot open.
  5. NFL.com fantasy keeper league. 3 keepers per team, draft is on 8/27/2017 at 7pm est. Standard rules/scoring. Standard draft. We've been running this league for several years now and always have fun but had 2 guys opt out this year so have to fill them. Nothing fancy here but owners are knowledgeable and fun and we always have a good time. All we ask is that you stay active for the whole season. Reply with your email and I'll send a link.
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