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  1. Exactly why I started my own league. I did a activity poll before the draft and will do more as the league goes on. If their not active I will replace them. Most new owners just start a league and never do a thing all year to make sure the league is active and then the next year they run the same league again with Half the league not even playing. There’s just a lot of bad LMs running this leagues.
  2. If this guy don’t accept invite let me know. jlsandersjr@gmail.com
  3. I will post the link when I get off work. It’s does have a hard count on starts each week. Points will be deducted if exceeded. I have done a activity check and everyone is active but the empty team.
  4. I have a 12 team points league with one open slot available. The draft is the 21st at 8 pm.
  5. Troy, you sent me a invite but one of the other guys have already invited me and I’ve already joined. I will pay up in a hour or two. My wife will get home and get my wallet out of my car. I am handicap and as soon as she gets home I will get my wallet and join. Thanks
  6. If the draft is late tonight I can’t make it but tomorrow night will be be good. So if you want me too I will join later and that way you can see if you can draft tonight
  7. Thank for the offer. I like everything but trying to stay at 50 or lower.
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