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  1. This dude is fools gold big time. He got to go up against Dallas, by far the worst D in the league, and literally ran for 3 touchdowns without getting touched. He's not going to do that in the playoffs and will bust. So Mike, if you are in this forum, you can just trade him to me. I guess I'll take him off your hands for you.
  2. Mike Evans came into the year with the most unfortunate circumstances in his first two weeks. First week he was sick AF, then he has to turn right around on Thursday (which obviously he was still sick) and play in a monsoon. Other than that (and that weird Saints game were he literally got 0 catches) he's been an absolute week winning stud.
  3. Why even pay a RB all that money if you aren't even going to use him on the goalline? Some coaches are just dumb AF.
  4. Gase and the Jets are absolutely TERRIBLE. Have zero faith in Bell. Can barely put up 10 points against the tanking Dolphins
  5. [...] Yet again got sucked into the volume hype on a bad team with a bad offense. If he can't do anything against Miami next week, then I don't see how you can start him in any games after that.
  6. He's had a lot of uncharacteristic drops this year. Had an easy one for a TD yesterday he just flat our dropped. He's just too damn good to not blow up soon. However, I am worried about their starting RT going out. I believe he was carted out too, not good for an already bad o-line.
  7. Hopefully Bell gets a bunch of dump offs next week when the Patriots go up by 30.
  8. Wow. Bill O Brien with the BIG DICK decision. I don't care if your kicker's been spotty, you attempt that 45 yd FG. Hell, what do I know? It's BoB's world and I'm just living in it.
  9. It's never good that a player ends up on the injury report on Friday. Tempted to start Dissly at 1 pm.
  10. This Jamaal Williams worrying is getting out of hand. Aaron Jones is good at football. Aaron Jones is in a good offense. Aaron Jones has an elite QB. Aaron Jones gets goalline carries. Aaron Jones will be a top 10 RB ROS. Stop worrying already.
  11. Just to gauge his value right now, what would you be willing to trade OBJ for right now? For the owners who have sold, what have you gotten back?
  12. He's content now that he got a HUGE contract. Happens all the time to players.
  13. Best RB in the game. Yes, even better than Barkley 😎
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