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  1. Sutton will be all alone as Flacco's #1 option with trade of Sanders. Garbage time superstar?
  2. This sucks. Like the two people above me have Ebron in the lineup and now this news drops. Thinking of of picking up Julius Thomas as insurance and seeing what happens with Rudolph. Screw Ebron.
  3. Standard Scoring Start 3/5: Thielen Kennan Allen Evans Josh Gordon Demarco Murray
  4. I would stick with Taylor http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/682150-trade-help-fitzmixon-for-breescupp-whir/
  5. My current team (PPR). Looking for more stable QB production heading into the playoffs. Should I do this? Goff/Rivers leveon/Mixon/Kenyon Drake/James White/Tevin Coleman/Latavius Murray Baldwin/Fitz/Keenan/ Rudolph Jags D
  6. JAGS D will win people championships this year. ROS: LAC CLE ARI IND SEA HOU SF TEN
  7. Mixon vs Buffalo Murray vs Chicago
  8. The rest of his schedule is pretty rough though. Seattle twice, Minnesota, Jacksonville, Houston.
  9. I'm not even a Graham owner, but its a shame how he is wasting the last of his prime years in Seattle. What a fall from grace
  10. Needed 31 pts from Fitz tonight. He put up 32. God I needed this
  11. I echo everyone else's response. Might as well keep Rawls around http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/670640-start-1-carson-james-white-or-mixon-~-whir/
  12. Nelson http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/670640-start-1-carson-james-white-or-mixon-~-whir/
  13. Cohen and White http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/670640-start-1-carson-james-white-or-mixon-~-whir/
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