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  1. Yes. A LOT has to happen for Darwin to be fantasy relevant this year. Gallup has more upside. thanks for the help with mine.
  2. Don’t get me wrong, Hill is great and definitely an upgrade over Woods..but I don’t think the upgrade is worth what you lose in Mixon AND Woods. Pass. thanks for the help with mine!
  3. fantasy is back! I usually go WR heavy in PPR but switched it up this year. Auction draft. 12 team PPR QB Drew Brees RB ZEKE RB Saquon Barkley WR Tyler Lockett WR Dante Pettis TE Jimmy Graham Flex Damien Williams D chargers k Will Lutz bench- AJ Green, Golden Tate, Desean Jackson, Courtland Sutton, Trey Burton I know my WR’s are lacking, counting on Lockett to step it up with Baldwin retiring and AJG to come back healthy. Also unsure of who to start at TE, Trey Burton(if healthy) or Jimmy G? thanks in advance. L
  4. My current roster.. Watson, Cooper, Julio, Allen Robinson, Elliot, Jordan Howard, Rudolph, Jamal Williams....bench- Watkins, Derrick Henry, Aaron Jones, Hyde, Rivers.


    full PPR league..I have a trade offer of Beckham for Cooper and Howard. What are your thoughts? I’m leaning toward the trade, but I’m still unsure.  Thanks in advance. 

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    2. Travisrhale


      Great advice. Thanks! 

    3. Travisrhale


      Would  Hopkins be a better trade than Beckham in this scenario?

    4. MVPSquad


      I think that’s a personal opinion depending on who you ask.  Odell could have a field day this year now that the Giants have a running game. I am still targeting Hopkins and prefer him over OBJ.  I just think him and Deshaun have insane chemistry.

  5. Amari Cooper just put up HUGE numbers against the Chiefs D after being fantasy irrelevant weeks 2-7. I just traded for D Thomas in one of my leagues to cash in on the Monday night showdown. DThomas did lay an egg last week. The hopeful news is that he did have an 82 yard reception (called back on pass interference). Go DThomas!
  6. Very close but I think you take the Fournette/Brown side. Fournette and Bell are pretty even so far. Brown is better than Evans.
  7. As a Pats fan who avoids Patriots RB's in fantasy, Buck Allen. I think he gets more volume and also a safer bet. Nobody knows which RB is part of the Pats game plan week to week.
  8. Thanks for the help with mine. I'd take the Dez side. Kamara > Lewis by far. I can't predict the future, but I also see Fitzy struggling with Palmer out. Diggs has a lingering injury that could be a pain through the season. I think the good/safe bet is Dez and Kamara.
  9. Hey so I am getting robbed on injuries. I'm 3-4 record and 3rd highest points leader in a 12 team PPR league. Was 1st last week. I traded Chris Thompson, Devin Funchess, Andre Ellington I receive Russel Wilson, Demaryius Thomas, Ameer Abdullah I was nervous to give up Thompson, but I literally have no quarterbacks. (Sam Bradford, Andrew Luck(dropping), Carson Palmer) Honesty appreciated. leave link WHIR 100% my roster will now be Qb Russel Wilson RB Javorius allen RB Ameer Abdulah WRAntonio Brown
  10. Normally I would in a heartbeat. Fitz is having a great season. Jordy now has a backup QB throwing to him. I still think Jordy will be good, but I'd worry about chemistry. Rodgers and Jordy obviously had great chemistry, we just don't know who Hundley will favor as his go to receiver. I'd wait it out.
  11. Although not an ideal matchup vs Vikings I'd still roll with Buck. I am (also have slim pickings for my RB2 since DJ went down). I have Ellington, afraid to start him again until AP slows down. Wouldn't trust the other 3.
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