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  1. No I lost. I've lost 6 straight now. I've been on the other side when I lost when a random team's defense had over 30. Like a few years back, when Julio had 300 yards or something against the Panthers...but no Ryan ******** fitzpatrick threw like 800 interceptions against the Chiefs and I still lost. I continue to be ridiculed by the fantasy gods
  2. I'm up by less than a point and was so confident after that Denver D performance. Leveon Bell, Jordan Howard. FML!!!! 1-6 holy s--- kill me
  3. If DT can catch a TD in the 4th, that will be the greatest X-MAS present I could ask for. f--- My Life.
  4. I've got a potential earnings of $4,500 on the line. I love Gordon, he'll have to ride pine for this one. Hopefully get him next year. Good luck to you all
  5. This. I'm just as unrealistic as all with his expectations with a giant potato throwing the ball. But this is too much. Benched.
  6. Same. Matchup and situation is just too good to pass up.
  7. May win a championship thanks to this guy. Keep it rolling riddick. abdullah done for year?
  8. Have the same problem....not sure who to flex.
  9. Thoughts against Panthers? Not much better on the waivers and he has been performing for me. I just need a 15 point solid floor hopefully.
  10. Starting him everywhere week 14. Guaranteed to find endzone
  11. They won a superbowl last year with him eating skittles with marshawn and conan at the marriot hotel game room did they not?
  12. They don't need him period. But us fantasy owners need him like a baby needs his mother's tittie. I am in my closet lighting incense to raise the dead and hopefully the fantasy gods of old will send their spirits to those of new and give my #2 pick back for a week 14 matchup
  13. I'm seriously retiring from fantasy if he gets suspended. This is the first time in 5 years entering week 14 that my squad is healthy. And then this s--- happens.
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