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  1. I guess I gotta start Fournette... so I'll start with him in the lineup. Who are my last 2 RBs? Thanks
  2. Thanks. I guess that makes me feel better with starting Jacobs/Fournette today. That leaves my flex spot open for either Pollard or Dobbins... but I still have time to make that decision.
  3. Bump... Jacobs, Fournette, and Wilson all play today (Saturday). Any additional thoughts on which 3 RBs to start this week? Going for the championship.
  4. I have KAllen and Metcalf, as my regular starters... but both have concerns. (Health and matchup). I also have ACooper and Hilton on my bench. Some FAs are... Gage, Agholor, MBrown, RHiggins Which 2 would you start for the 'Ship? Thanks
  5. 0.5 PPR... Kittle is playing but might not get full workload. I also have LThomas. Who to start for the 'Ship?
  6. 0.5 PPR RB - JWilson at AriRB - JJacobs vs MiaRB - Dobbins vs NYGRB - Pollard vs PhilRB - Fournette at Det Thanks!
  7. I would take Pollard. Miami has other mouths to feed and Gaskin could return.
  8. I would have Pollard above them all, if Zeke is out
  9. Since I got DK.... he will probably score the lowest ☹️
  10. I mean... it registers on the dagger scale, just maybe not high right now. Would rather he just sat home and fed himself there.
  11. dagger. maybe he's just practicing so his calf can flare up... then he sits
  12. There is the unknown what Aiyuk will do with the QB change... I'd follow how much practicing Allen gets in this week. Would be great to see a full practice. If not, you got Aiyuk waiting to start. For the RB, since it's not PPR... I would roll with Fournette and hope for some more goalline scores.
  13. Also... have Kittle on the IR. Shanny is sounding like Kittle has a chance to play this week... and will have Beathard at QB.
  14. double fire.... its sorta like a double rainbow
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