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  1. Carson is an animal. 100 yds and a tuddie minimum per week.
  2. It's worth it to miss a few weeks now to ensure he moves beyond the injury and can go all out down the stretch. As many have said he is likely to flash with two or three big games in last third of the season and get everybody hyped up for next year. He'll help some teams get into the playoffs as attrition sets in and other WRs miss time.
  3. I've always felt that the standard fumble=death penalty philosophy has been bizarre. I suppose coaches take such a hard stance because they feel that if they don't then RBs won't cling the ball for dear life. But look at Hunt on opening night. Fumbles immediately in his first game ever, Reid puts him right back in and the guy bursts into flame and becomes a god. What if he had benched him and gave him the silent treatment all night to prove a point?
  4. He had 98 yards in the game before last. Think it's a little early to call him a lost cause. Denver D is so good there just won't be many shoot-outs that allow him to go off. Giants after the bye will probably be another slog but schedule doesn't look too bad after that. Still think he'll end up in the 20-30 range by year's end.
  5. One of those awful teams put the clamps down on Seattle last week. The Rams are not going to get shut out by the likes of the Giants who just got ran on by the Lions last week or the Seahawks who just got annihilated by Hyde last week. They're not going to get shut out by any of the teams on their schedule. Maybe they won't put up 41 points but they're going to score touchdowns, and Gurley is going to be getting most of them. People are so focused on Gurley's running when this is entirely about Goff's passing. This offense has a passing threat now - something Bell and Z
  6. LOL. This looked to be one of the worst Thursday match-ups ever, which is saying something. Turns out to be one of the most entertaining games in the history of football.
  7. This may have something to do with the 15 carries he had from inside the 2 yard line. Tough to rack up a 6.5 YPC when you're facing a goal line package half the night.
  8. I think all these scenarios playing out is a stretch, but case by case they're all quite possible. Gurley has a complete and utter stranglehold on that backfield's usage. If the offense moves the ball even a little bit, he's going to get an obscene amount of touches and all of the red zone work.
  9. He'll have bad games. He won't be as consistent as Bell or DJ so people will panic when he puts up 20 carries and 60 yards, but I think he'll have more big games than he did last year. Hell, he didn't have any big games last year. This year with much better weapons, a more creative coach and QB who should at least have some grasp of what he's doing now, that offense will kick into gear once in a while and Gurley will bust some long runs for some big games. He'll be a top 10 RB this year but he'll also be up and down.
  10. I can't shake the feeling that Payton is going to force-feed AP the ball and pound him around the goal line just to give the middle finger to Ingram. As an Ingram owner in a dynasty league, I've been pleased with his performance the last two years. But given how effective he is per touch I really do think he would get so many more opportunities with a different head coach. Although with another coach maybe he wouldn't BE as effective. Ingram's relationship with Payton is so hard to decipher. It didn't surprise me one bit that he signed Peterson and drafted an RB in the third round.
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