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  1. I would try to see if you can trade Cooper to someone who still believes in him.
  2. Cohen is no more than a handcuff and this point. I agree with the post above if you want to take a chance on McFadden.
  3. I would keep Dez, yes. Hold off. I don't like AP and Hilton has only had 2 good games out of 8. You'll have more headaches with AP and Hilton I think.
  4. I would do the trade. Helps you a lot at RB and you're pretty solid at WR already.
  5. Pretty fair. I think Dez will have a better 2nd half tho. He's faced some tough corners early in the year.
  6. I wouldn't worry about Watkins. I do like Mariota tho.
  7. Miami's run D has been pretty decent I believe. I'd go Juju and hope for a big play.
  8. Not really a must own. You could drop Galloday as you stated, but both aren't really worth owning.
  9. I'd keep Evans. Saints have been running it a lot more than usual, but I think both Saints back will come down just a little bit the second half.
  10. I like the upside in the trade. Crabtree has been the #1 WR in points the last 2 years for Oakland. I'd say go for it.
  11. Because of volume, I'd go AP and hope he falls into the touchdown.
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