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  1. Our Waiver is picked over pretty heavily. That's what we get for adding a bench spot due to COVID. Why COLE?! I have been burned by Jaguar WR's so many times!
  2. Matt Ryan may be the only QB I would go after to "upgrade" over Big Ben. I really don't see much of an upgrade to add to your team from his. You have Solid RB1(x2) and good back up RB's. You may try and pick up an injured Michael Thomas and offer him some depth at WR for Thomas and Ryan. He really doesn't have anyone other That Thomas that excites me, especially since Sutton just went down (which you saw I have the same issue with on my thread). You could give up Hunt for Thomas and Ryan. See if he bites....
  3. With Courtland Sutton looking to be out, I need to pick up a new player. Top Options on the Waiver in my 10 team League NON PPR. Keelan Cole Valdes-Scantling R Gage Corey Davis Charles Claypool. I'm leaning to Cole or Claypool, but would enjoy some arguments for any of these guys.\\
  4. Quick update - Dalvin Cook dropped to me with my 7th pick... Draft was really weird... I could have in theory drafted my entire same team. I purposely kept avoiding doing that...
  5. All good points - unfortunately...I locked in on Saturday and doubtful the league will let me switch at this point. kelce would probably drop to me in the 2nd round at the 14th pick if I wanted him anyways.
  6. I never draft a kicker...and I got a bit tipsy and forgot a TE in this league but I got Hardman in the last round. Thoughts?! 10 team Yahoo Standard Non-PPR QB: Rusell Wilson Bench: RB: D. Johsnon; Carson; RB: JK. Dobbins; Phillip Lindsey WR: M. Thomas; Tyreek Hill AJ Green; Emmanuel Sanders; Cordarrelle Patterson; Jerry Jeudy; Mecole Hardman TE: TBD.... FLEX: M. Evans
  7. I feel I can get something in the 1st round to make up for Cook, but you make a solid point. My preference on Kelce is that there are only a few (maybe 3...) TE that offer value at the position over a JAG. Kelce is one of those where I can leave him there, and enjoy a season of production from a TE position (hopefully). RB's I can find a value pick with my #1 as we all finally locked in, and only 3 RB's are listed as Keepers. (KAMARA, HENRY, & JONES) Picking 7th leaves me with some value.
  8. i've never been big on drafting 2 TE's it's far easier to stream a TE for a week or so and I always feel like I left potential by filling that slot. Loads of potential on the RB2 area. I'm a huge fan of Ronald Jones II (basically any RB that Bruce Arians pushes)
  9. Would agree with you and almost kept Ronald Jones II, but it's a round 9 draft pick compared to a Round 16 draft pick for DAK (our last round). I won't have a 2nd or a 16th round pick - but I can grab a RB in the 1st Rnd and still get a value WR in the 3rd.
  10. Can Only keep 2; I went with DaK and Kelce mainly because I have one year left on Kelce and only give up a Round 2 draft pick. All the others were too expensive or I could pick up again in a reasonable round.
  11. Bravens: Henry is perfect value @13 I would go Godwin @ 8rd for your other. great value!
  12. I ended up with Kelce and DAK. figured I could find RB's in the 1st Rnd if value is there.
  13. the fact you are having this issue is just amazing! Hopkins will have production, no doubt, but sophomore slumps on Murray may prove difficult. The league has film on him now.
  14. Lamar Jax if you are set on the other 2. Cooks is questionable; and you may get more out of Godwin over Cooks. Depending on where you draft...you could get Cooks again.
  15. 10 Team League NON-PPR - and I have the 7th pick in the draft. So this is the year I get hosed on rules and keepers. Most in my league have GREAT guys and only giving up last round drafts due to our weird a** rules. That said...Take a look at this list. Let me know thoughts on keepers. I am leaning toward Deebo Samuel and Ronald Jones II due to where they are in my draft. But I do have ONE more year with Kelce and give up only a 2nd rounder for him...which is probably where he goes anyways. All the nonsense is below. 2019 Final Roster 2019 Draft Roun
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