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  1. I think people are making assumptions about Brady based on his last few years in NE with awful weapons around him. Is his arm as strong as strong as Winston's? No, but that doesn't mean he's not going to throw it down the field. If you were Brady with Julian Edelman in the slot and Phillip Dorsett on the outside where would you go with the ball?
  2. One of my favorite targets this year, people are being incredibly short-sighted with the Rams offense. Just last summer the Rams were this year's Chiefs - the most exciting offense in the league with a young smart offensive playcaller and lots of weapons. Moreover, the RB situation was thought to be the best in the entire league as even CJ Anderson stepped in and won people leagues when Gurley went down. Seems incredibly dubious that the offense is suddenly a dumpster fire with an unfriendly RB situation after one down year following a SB losss. Sure the OL may not be as good but w
  3. While I don't think Brady will match Winston's numbers from last year, people are acting like he's going to run the same offense NE did last year with Edelman, White, and Dorsett as his top guys. This offense should still be really productive with elite receiving weapons and an aggressive HC. I doubt Brady went to TB so he could run the same ball control offense - seems more likely that he wanted to play somewhere with a more aggressive and pass friendly scheme. Also think you're underestimating how good of a player Evans is. He's going to get a lot of targets in what should be a p
  4. Tier 1 1. CMC 2. SBarkley 3. EElliot Tier 2 4. AKamara 5. DCook Tier 3 6. DHenry 7. JMixon 8. JJacobs 9. NChubb 10. MSanders Tier 4 11. KDrake 12. CEH Tier 5 13. JConner 14. AJones 15. CCarson 16. LFournette Tier 6 17. AEkeler 18. JTaylor 19. CAkers 20. TGurley Tier 7 21. DSingletary 22. DGuice 23. DMontgomery 24. MGordon 25. DJohnson 26. MIngram 27. RMostert 28. DSwift 29. LBell 30. JKDobbins Tier 8 31. JH
  5. Maybe the best RB value right now. People complain about lack of RB depth but Guice has a Dalvin Cook ceiling and is available very late.
  6. This is a lot like David Johnson and LeVeon Bell last year to me
  7. 1. Ingram has essentially been the exact same player the last 5 years, don’t think that’s an apt comparison 2. I seriously doubt you’d be happy if you drafted Calos Hyde or Devonta Freeman at #31 overall 3. I’m fine with pick 50, not going to hate on that. However his expert consensus ranking is #31 overall right now
  8. could just as easily say a hobbled out of his prime Todd Gurley Again, I’d be hesitant to bet on declining RBs. Can’t think of the last one that’s hit
  9. The team that was 24th in rushing TDs last year? Not saying that I dont think ATL is a good situation because I think that it is, but I'm not a fan of betting on TD dependent RBs in the 3rd round.
  10. His production was completely based on TDs last year. It's important to look beyond just his overall fantasy finish. Did you think he looked like a very good RB when you watched him? Will 1 extra year, 250 touches, and a new scheme make him look better? 223/857/3.8 YPC with 31 catches for 207 yards isn't a "good" season to me.
  11. How often to declining RBs switching teams actually work out? Seems like taking him Round 3 is betting on a return to early 2018 form.
  12. I actually don't think Gurley is very boom/bust. Most likely outcome is just like last year - year end numbers put him as a mid RB2 but you'll be looking for a replacement all year, starting the backup to whatever starting RB gets hurt that week.
  13. The suggestion that Shenault is any kind of Fournette replacement is insane. Sure he may get a few wildcat snaps but that's it.
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