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  1. Jackson 100% not particularly due to matchup just that Kelley is horrible and ravens run game is questionable right now. I don’t trust Lamar to dump down anything accurately anyway.
  2. Definitely like ayuik matchup more especially in a division game. Higgins will have jospeh on him and becoming more of a key in games.
  3. In ppr I would go with Henry. Allen and Henry are the guys there. Hockenson gets the goal line work but in ppr deff Henry.
  4. 1Qb 2rb 2wr 1te Flexx WENTZ - qb GURLEY, DAVIS, FOURNETTE, CHUBB, HILL, COLEMAN -Rbs FULGHAM, MOORE,COOPER, AROB, Jefferson - Wr Thomas, Bryant - te 3-4 record. Competitive 12 team league. Mature answers please lol
  5. Qb. Minshew Or Cousins Flex. Dj Moore or Justin Jefferson im 1-3
  6. Edelman Jeudy Beasley hardman ... Jeudy getting better with catching but that was the jets. Edelman by far as well... further down the season Allen going to need Beasley you’ll see
  7. Kupp vs Moreland for me ... I don’t think Ramsey will be on McLaurin I think serious Williams will be on em but Kupp definitely out of the 3
  8. Someone in a must win and is kind of high on em ... would package trade more than anything and hope someone bite ... I think chargers go more on a passing attack more than anything jackson might benefit from it.
  9. Depends on what your opponents willing to give up but he’ll yea trade dak for a high rb2 attack losing records with a last bad game
  10. Half ppr I would sit Lockett or Thielen (Colin Ross) really both good matchup both teams like to run ...I would say Lockett just because Russ can throw it to any random wr and score .... Thielen and jj the only receivers Kirk has
  11. Maybe like a Ridley since he had a “bad game” but he’s the guy in Atlanta ... maybe a Lockett too
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