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  1. Dirty play by Marisnick. That was even worse than the Posey play. Glad they got it right and overturned that. Hope he gets a suspension for it.
  2. Depends on your league. In a 65-teamer, a 13.50 ERA outing is pretty solid.
  3. Maybe it's a bit early to shoot him, but Carlos Rodon. I watched the guy tear it up at State, the White Sox promoted him in record speed anticipating he'd be their next Chris Sale, and he's stunk it up every year.
  4. Billy Hamilton - the guy has no business trying to hit in the majors. The only reason he continues to stick around is because of his speed, but you can't use it if you can't get on, and he's got a 25% CS rate so far this year. Aaron Sanchez - I've never seen a fingernail injury completely derail a guy's career. Not sure what is going on there. Chris Archer - it's pretty clear at this point he's never going to stop consistently hanging breaking balls. Thought Pittsburgh would be a catalyst for change, but we're nearing midnight here. Trevor Bauer - the guy is going to suck from h
  5. I've always been a fan of his stuff but not him personally. He seems like the type of guy who will let success get in his head. His command is back to where it's been his whole career, and you're not going to be successful in the major's by walking 4 guys every game. I was able to flip him last week for a good price. I think it's early enough that people will still give you good value for him. Not great value, but good.
  6. My first issue is how on earth they can charge those runs to the pitcher. It's clearly an error. The "rule", I guess, that it has to hit your glove to be an error is the dumbest thing i've ever heard. It's only the fielders fault if he almost makes a good play. If he completely botches it and runs off the field, it's the pitchers fault. Dumb. The safe call at the plate is ridiculous too. The only reason the catcher is off the plate is because of the no blocking the plate rule. If you're going to prevent catchers from getting out in front of the plate, then you can't allow guys to slide in
  7. The Mets have got to be the worst team to ever take a major league field. Top to bottom. Players, managers, medical staff, clubhouse personnel. They should trade their starters to other teams so they don't waste more of their careers putting up with this crap. Every one of their starters wants to go 8 innings because they know it's guaranteed that the bullpen will blow it. Why he would sign an extension with this team is beyond me.
  8. First time I've seen Doolittle pitch in a long time, don't remember what he had. But what he had tonight was awful. It was literally slow fastballs down the middle. It was batting practice. I look at who else they have though and everyone else in the bullpen is garbage too. Javy Guerra is the only one I think has the potential to close. The Nats announcers are acting shocked. The minute he hit the first guy then threw a 94 mph fastball down the middle to Lagares, you could see it coming.
  9. Solid numbers from DeGrom. Mets offense gets dominated by a rookie. It feels like 2018 all over again.
  10. I'm fully anticipating we find out he's actually been dead for weeks.
  11. Where there is smoke, there is fire. I'll never forget the Mets said Ike Davis was "day-to-day" for 5 months of the season.
  12. Manager Mickey Callaway said that DeGrom (elbow) may not require the MRI that the right-hander was slated to undergo Monday, Matt Ehalt of The Bergen Record reports. Spin: The update comes after deGrom was spotted playing catch on the outfield prior to the Mets' game Saturday against the Cardinals. DeGrom was expected to be shut down from throwing until he had the MRI, but the Mets' team doctors apparently signed off the ace taking part in some light activity. That development offers optimism that even if deGrom ends up receiving the MRI, any scans may just be precautionary more than anyt
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