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  1. Only early returns, but it would make sense to me to see his assists shift down slightly. The hope is the points begin to find a new floor.
  2. if theres a spot ill join

  3. Thanks and welcome! As an update, looks like we have 3 spots left! 💪
  4. i have spots in a $50 league draftingg next sunday (all on byes for this partial week) more info and path to pay/join here!
  5. how abt $50 espn? looking for engaged, competitive owners. draft next sunday night (1st week all byes). more and path to pay/join here!
  6. Not most categories, but just posting in case you have any interest in doing points, $50 live snake! $50 H2H Points 12-Team League on ESPN/LeagueSafe
  7. ...but it seems highly unlikely to me that we won't make it
  8. 5 including me so far, started recruiting yesterday so I'm feeling good! Also, on leaguesafe if we don't make it when I delete the league, their customer support initiates a refund to each owner
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