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  1. Both leagues are full and everyone has paid into them. Thanks, good luck this season!
  2. I can't seem to get people to pay even though they're asking for invites. I have one spot left on the 9th.. I need you to pay right away if you ask for an invite. keithamaral@hotmail.com
  3. Are you good joining the same league but drafting on 9/9 instead, same time?
  4. Sent. Once you pay, this league is full. Still have an open spot in the league drafting on 9/9 at 9est
  5. Looking for one person in the league drafting on the 8th, one on the 9th. Please let me know which you’d prefer when you send me your email address. Thanks
  6. Looking for two people to play in the league drafting on the 8th, one person on the 9th. Please be able to pay right away. Thanks keithamaral@hotmail.com
  7. I have two people that haven’t paid, and one open spot on the 9/9 league from an existing player that hasn’t responded to my emails. If you can pay right away and are interested, give me your email. thanks
  8. Looking for at least one, possibly three more in the league drafting on the 9th. Same settings as this one. Send me an email or reply here with your email. Please be ready to pay via leaguesafe as I'm trying to wrap up both leagues. Thanks.... keithamaral@hotmail.com
  9. Sent! I have one more spot in an identical league that drafts at 9pm EST on the 9th if anyone is interested.
  10. Looking for one, possibly two more. If interested, please send me your email and pay the leaguesafe fees right away. Thanks
  11. You've gotta send me an email or put yours out there. I have a spot in a league drafting the next day but this one is tentatively full, just waiting on a few existing players to pay up.
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