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  1. Thought I had planned for players missing games because of COVID but I didn't take in account entire games being postponed. We had built in some IR slots for this but in Tenn and Pitt it is no help. ESPN only allows players designated as "out" to be on IR and Tenn and Pitt designated as "bye". I can't &&@ add more bench spots because ESPN doesn't allow the Commish to change the roster numbers post draft. Ridiculous! Kind of stuck now and it could be worse later if multiple games start getting postponed. https://support.espn.com/hc/en-us/articles/360049972272
  2. He puts up good numbers but he is frustrating. Have you had him before? He'll be invisible for awhile then right when you bench him he blows up. Now with Buffalo I want no part of him.
  3. 10 team money league and trying to decide what to do if we don't get a full season. I'm thinking season ends before week 6 we just cancel minus high score prize. After that we do the weekly high score prize and award 2 division leaders something. The rest gets rolled to next year or refunded. What are others doing?
  4. Diggs has burned owners over and over also. I'd go Parker. Seems most wrs to new teams doesn't work out that well.
  5. I'm walfling hard on Mahomes. I think I remember that game but I also remember a lot of games in heavy snow where barely anybody scored at all. It's a risky call that I'm almost sure to pick wrong. If Mahomes had been playing like last year it'd be a no brainer but he really hasn't played that well. Only 1 game over 20 fantasy points in the past 8 games.
  6. Drafted this guy a bit higher than his adp thinking he was going to be a breakout rb. Not feeling too confident going forward.
  7. Darnold more accurate he would of had a very nice game. He was one for tds at least twice.
  8. He's doing ok even with Dallas struggling. I think better days ahead. My other league has DJ and he's a disaster.
  9. Gurley went round two in both my leagues but not late enough to go with Bell. You were lucky...
  10. I like your chances but it’s certainly not a sure thing. 70% you win I think.
  11. I had no idea he was so good. He just shredded my Jax D. Big reason I lost this weekend.
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