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  1. 12 Team 9-Cat Roto I need Rebounds, and J.Allen has a timeshare that doesn't allow him to be consistent. Should I try to trade him for favors, or not? I don't mind the reduction in blocks.
  2. 12 team 9-Cat Roto Klay isn't coming back right? I don't think so. Anyway I really need a rebounder like Wood and Dieng. Which one should I go with out of the three?
  3. Should I trade Draymond for Warren? I'm very comfortable with stocks, and could use some more scoring and 3s.
  4. I've been back and fourth adding and dropping THJ and Hart for one another. To me it's a wash. They trade being okay, and sucking. You pick up one, they suck, and then the other is doing okay. Then you pick up the other, they suck, and now the last one is doing okay. So whoever you have at the moment doesn't really matter, you bank on speculation and stick with it hoping that it pays off. To me that's Hart.
  5. And maybe next season when Curry and Klay are back, when they walk out on the floor they'll play "Hey Daddy" by Usher, and "I'll Stand By You" by Carrie Underwood for Draymond Green. That's pretty fitting. Sink or Swim with the stars.
  6. Why pickup someone who doesn't play games. He doesn't play. Has no interests in balling.
  7. This year does seem way worse than last year though. Still wish I had him this year, great for ROTO.
  8. Yeah me too. I'll just have to wait a little bit more, see, and cut bait.
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