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  1. Guillotine League $40 2020 (Modified rules) - 3 SPOTS OPEN!

    Commissioner Update: ***DRAFT TIME UPDATED TO 7PM PDT/10PM EDT on Tuesday, September 8th****


    This is a standard guillotine league with one distinction: we will cut 2 teams every 2 weeks instead of 1 team every week. This helps when a team has one really bad week out of nowhere.  At week 15, the league switches to a 2 week playoff format, where the remaining 4 teams go to a head to head bracket to win the championship.

    PPR Scoring, 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex, No K, No DEF

    Bonus for 300 passing, 100 rushing/receiving

    $40 entry fee (via LeagueSafe) due within 24 hours of accepting the invitation

    Payout structure:
    1st: $470 (65%) - champion
    2nd: $210 (30%) - runner-up 
    3rd: $40 (5%) - winner of week 16 consolation game

    Join the league: https://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/f1/984906/invitation?key=b75b399bb76c5254&soc_trk=lnk&ikey=e9bdf180b785ae65



    NOTE: I am posting this for the Commish: spud0927 
    Please contact him with questions. 
  2. 20 hours ago, PizzaBeerFF said:

    Can you explain how the Wonderlic has any relevance? If you struggle to explain it, then probably you shouldn’t throw it out anymore. I only go by results and what I see when I watch the games. 


    No I don't need to. I was responding to the idiotic opinion that Allen has a big arm and is dumb. Try taking the Wonderlic test (its free and readily available online) and see where you score compared to Josh Allen.

  3. 17 hours ago, Savatage79 said:

    I am all for saving lives, but I'm sorry ruining my own life for indirectly saving older folks that I will never know, will never meet, will never know if I saved them or not by ruining my life is not something I nor anyone should be down with.  Know what I mean ?



    This right here should be put onto a plaque, and the plaque mounted on the wall of every ER, and Doctors office as inspiration. BTW, you do realize that many of those older folks who you will never meet, were forcibly drafted and fought in wars, many not coming back, so that you can whine about how temporarily staying at home is ruining your life. Those older folks never knew you either. Thank you for making me consider that, and actually hope we do have a second wave. I am less enthusiastic about a future if it contains humans that share this view. 

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  4. Tho all teams have been taken, it appears there maybe  several teams become available shortly as the LS payment deadline is the 21st and we have several non responders. If this league looks like something you want to join, please email  ryancain4444@gmail.com, as we are taking a wait list, and I would say as of now, there are pretty good chances of getting a team yet.

  5. The VNFL 2 is currently looking to fill our last slot for a Start up 32 Team IDP Dynasty Salary Cap League.

    LAST Team available to first come, first serve:

    Tennessee Titans

    (to be clear, selection is strictly for team name, no associated players come with the teams!)

    The inaugural draft will be an auction, which also determines the salaries for the players auctioned.

    Auction Draft is slated for March 1st. See timeline:

    https://www56.myfantasyleague.com/2020/ ... id=5643575


    A 32 team IDP PPR player contract salary cap league that copies the NFL rules as closely as possible


    1. $80 U.S League Fee Paid to Leaguesafe

    2. League Mimics NFL Rules as Closely as Possible

    3. Salary Cap Based off of NFL's Annual Limit

    4. Yearly Free Agent Auction Plus 4 Round Rookie Draft

    5. RFA, UFA and Rookie Contracts, Contract Extensions, Player Holdouts and Franchise Tagging Players

    6. Starting Lineups Submitted Using NFL Formations

    7. Playoff Structure the Same as the NFL's

    8. 30-38 Man Roster with 10 Player Taxi Squad for Rookie Contracts.

    9. A Season for all Playoff Teams from each VNFL League being Played each Following Season.







    Please email ryancain4444@gmail.com if you are interested.

    Thanks in advance,


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