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  1. It can be annoying when the Saints get in close on goal to go situations because it seems like Kamara only gets one shot. First and goal, he'll get a carry for 5 yards down to the 2yd line...and then from there its Brees/Payton offensive genius time, Murray or Brees sneak. Frustrating, but c'est la vie.

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  2. week 4 - Jax

    week 6 - @Ind

    week 7 - Cle

    week 12 - NYG

    week 13 - @ Mia

    week 14 - Dal

    week 16 - @ Hou


    At this point you're going to have to take the L on the idea that he's going to be the foundation of your team. If you can hang in there roster-wise and work around him there could be some good games to be had, particularly down the stretch in terms of a playoff push.

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