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  1. That's a fumble, but I think they blew the whistle before the recovery
  2. Such a shame Scary Terry couldn't go. He'd have had a 75 yard TD on the first play.
  3. Makes the Nagy week 1 45 pass 12 rush look even more dumb
  4. "If you're going to throw a fade, you gotta throw it to where Robinson is and not where Norman is." Thanks Boog
  5. lmao I love how Sanu was fist pumping the second Julio turned upfield, he knew.
  6. Great drive by the Giants. Good to see a team sticking to the basics, rushing the football, good o line play in this era of coaches who think they need call exotic plays 75% of the time no matter the situation.
  7. Absolutely fuming here. Number 1 seed, went 11-2, both losses early in the season as I was tinkering with the team and getting it right. From then on, I've played pretty much mistake free fantasy football, absolutely dominating everyone week in week out. Outscored the second place team by 160 points over the season. Had the good sense to pick up Bortles off waivers as Wentz insurance right before he went down. Like I said, I did everything right. My team today was its usual great self, right now I have 140, with Gronk's second half still to go before I hand in my scorecard. The problem is the other guy is only down 7 and still has Woods, Todd ******** Gurley in the second half, Big Ben's second half, plus OJ Howard and Crabtree tomorrow night. His team was the one team in the league I was weary of having a blow up game like this, and on top of it all he should have lost in the first playoff round last week, but his opponent stupidly decided to put Ryan in instead of a red hot Rivers right before the game. It's terrible, but I guess that is life. All you can do is do you job, and even then that only guarantees you success 80-90% of the time.
  8. How quick is the appeals process? Is he going to miss this week regardless? Or is there a scenario in which he appeals, plays in Week 14, loses appeal and is suspended for week 15?
  9. LOL that ultimate garbage TD cost someone a loss in my league
  10. If only Rodgers had time there, Adams roasted Sherman and Nelson was also open.
  11. These refs don't believe pass interference exists. Just allowing assault out there.
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