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  1. Seems to confirm that Mike Malone is not happy with MPJ. Not happy with his effort?
  2. What happened to this guy. He is a walking corpse in terms of stats today. He is going to be a big reason I might get relegated from my league.
  3. Not necessarily confidence issues if you miss shots. It could just be missed shots. As long as he is taking them without hesitation like he was before the confidence is still there.
  4. MPJ looked did not look comfortable tonight against the Lakers defence. Starting to regret trading Drummond for him this season. Still very talented, but might take some time to get confident. He does not really understand his role out there, every half opportunity he will put his hands up to ask for the ball. Does not trust in his team mates to get him the ball. Crowds other people's spacing with his cuts. Looks over eager, but not in a good way - in a selfish way. Does not seem to be able to / not trusted to drive the ball. Looks like he is starting to appear on other teams scouting rep
  5. Gobert really bothering Capela at the rim this game.
  6. Good analysis. Kind of sick of all these posts who think they know better than NBA coaches. They make NBA coaches seem like idiots who can't tie their own shoelaces.
  7. Single digits scoring last few games. Pels can't reward this hard working big man with some lobs or easy buckets for grabbing all those rebounds? His got a nice baby hook shot. Why don't they go to him more. Zion messed up my numbers.
  8. Must've been "actively" resting in todays game
  9. yes bit of a gamble. he was a 2nd round player in our league in 18/19 as we count double doubles. showed some promise in the bubble but wasn't good this season. lets see what hunter turns into when everyone is healthy...hopefully I wont be too sad.
  10. definitely some self consolation haha. I don't know why i was so caught up on getting Nurk when he is out 8 weeks and i'll only have him for like 4 of the regular season.
  11. Just traded this guy and norm powell for Nurk in a keeper league. Im regretting it now, but I think he'll regress once Galinari/bogdon comes back. He had a big game because trae and Capela were out.
  12. Trying to sell high on him for some depth. Top 5 player last week. Can I get multiple 2nd/3rd/4th round guys for him?
  13. I think it was a risky move. MPJ is a risk but high upside. I pulled the trigger partly because of I didn't want to punt FT% anymore. If you do punt FT%, Drummond is a stone cold top 10 guy this season and top 5 in previous two seasons. Happy with MPJs game today!
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