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  1. this is one of the worst deals I've ever seen
  2. thanks for mine, I think I would go with Washington personally
  3. Mack, Gordon, Jones for me personally, thanks for mine
  4. thanks for mine... I think now that you're down in the hole, you have to swing for higher upside with Washington... I see Moore as a safer bet but Washington has more of an ability to help you get back in it so I would go with him
  5. 1/2 PPR... RB/WR already set so trying to figure out the last flex spot... options are Boone, DeVante Parker & Allen Robinson... which one would you pick? leave your link!
  6. I'll save you from the headache of having to decide those additional 14 moves... your one and only move should be quitting any league that imposes such a stupid rule as a 15 transaction limit...
  7. eh... it's not that weird given that it's Hunter Pence and not like Tatis Jr. The injury doesn't really affect his swing and all in all, he hasn't been out all THAT long to get rusty. Given that he'll just DH, and won't need to play in the field, there's not much of a reason to keep him down there instead of bringing him back up to showcase him for a trade
  8. I don't think he's going to be "babied" per se but I think you gotta face reality. Strikeout pitchers tend to throw a lot of pitches to get guys out since they don't pitch to contact. Unless you're one of the old school guys still throwing 120+ pitches a game, that means that you are probably looking at about 6 IP for the most part these days. And coming off TJ, even more likely. I don't think they will unreasonably pull him early to "save" him, but they just won't let him go 7/8 innings throwing 120 pitches. I think they would want to stretch him to about 90ish pitches and about 6 IP
  9. Vazquez by far I think. Jansen would be my second option but he has only been hot lately. We'd be gambling to see if he continues the streak while Vazquez had been decent all year. Sisco is Jansen without the upside, I'd pass on him
  10. I would take Jansen over him. We've seen enough of Molina this year to know what's up. I'd move on
  11. I think only player that's worth anything of real value on that list is Soroka. Laureano is decent but you're likely getting similar value back in Suarez. Wheeler... no thank you sir. Honestly, I'd take the Soroka side just to unload Wheeler screwing up my numbers.
  12. Thanks for all your replies guys. I got Trout in that deal and that's exactly what I was thinking. I also have Pence coming back from injury so basically one of those OF would have been dropped anyways. It stunk to give up Bauer but I'm also sick of his roller coaster of either 15Ks or 15 ERA every game
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