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  1. After a week of deliberations, I think I’ve finally decided between Detroit and Atlanta. Detroit even without Stafford can keep it close pounding the ball with Bo and only throwing when needed. Also Haskins is just bad so even with a leaky Detroit D they should be ok with stuffing the run. On the flip side, Atlanta has been playing out if their mind lately but a divisional game against an unpredictable Winston has me a little concerned. Wishing I had NO still available cause that seems like the best option this week.
  2. Thankfully I stayed away from the Vikes even though it’s not over yet. Not sure if I was gonna be able to handle that stress. And I say that knowing good and well the Oakland game might be just as stressful. Ughhhh
  3. With Stafford out again the Cowboys seem like an ok pick now but I’d still be sweating cause they always seem to blow it when they shouldn’t. As for me, I’m 1 of 5 left in my survivor. I have either Minny or Oakland as my options but maaaaan I can’t decide. Last year Minnesota blew it for me at home against the Bills with a rookie QB in Josh Allen...eerily similar situation to this game.
  4. Starting to lean Chicago with Stafford out but I have zero faith in Trubisky/Nagy so I’m still unsure.
  5. Need a combined 35 pts from Dak and Zeke. I know it’s likely but I’m still not feeling good about it.
  6. Been having that feeling all week but realistically hoping for at least a respectable 10 points in a situation where many are expecting a complete disaster.
  7. Nope this is very much the Derek Carr you’re thinking of. https://www.nbcsports.com/bayarea/raiders/raiders-derek-carr-rated-pro-football-focus-best-deep-ball-passer
  8. Carr is one of the best deep ball throwers in the league so I wouldn’t be opposed to him landing there. Ideally he stays in NY though.
  9. I have no choice but to play him this week despite me not wanting to. I feel like this will be an above average week for him so 70 yards from scrimmage. Can’t wait for him to catch a 20 yard pass only to see him run off the field and subbed out for Patterson on the next play.
  10. If you have bench space or in a good position in the standings I’d hold for one more week. If the league comes to a decision and he’s eligible to play, teams who missed out at the trade deadline will be calling. After that though I’d cut him loose.
  11. I’m not worried about Andrews. He’s still Lamar’s #1 target and the drops won’t keep happening. Hollywood Brown being back will help him as well. Look forward to seeing him light up the Pats week 9.
  12. The answer is always Nagy. Guy’s an idiot.
  13. True but we’ve seen Baker play well before and OBJ has had big games this season so it’s not like we have yet to see it. I ended up trading for him knowing good and well this week will probably be a wash. Hopefully Kitchens can get him going and even better would be the Browns acquiring Trent Williams or Nate Solder before the deadline.
  14. Really don’t know what to make of him ROS. I want target him in a trade but his schedule isn’t soft, Baker is playing terribly and he’s had some pretty bad drops. Still though, the cream always rises to the top right?...
  15. You guys freak out way too easily. Their schedule has been easy, wait until things get more competitive and see how often Pollard sees the field compared to Zeke. It's not like he's been putting up duds anyways...20 & 17 pts in the last 2 weeks should not be cause for concern lol.
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