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  1. Yep. And i was ridiculed for saying he was a safe start today. A big FU to you naysayers
  2. Absolutely. Definitely firing him up in PPR
  3. Devin put up 8.0 against Cleveland and 8.9 against the monsters of the midway currently known as the miami dolphins. Yeah I started him those weeks so it’s safe to say i WAS paying attention. So he goes into Pittsburgh who have held chubb to less than 10 not once but twice. By all means start him I don’t give a damn. And me may put up 30.
  4. No and it’s not necessarily about the bengals-pats game, rather how tough Pittsburgh has been lately. Chubb, who most would agree is better than singletary, put up less than 10 both games against them. If White is involved at all he usually puts up 12-15. Im not trying to convince anyone about who to start, just saying what my intentions are.
  5. Don’t recall saying the bengals would win the game. If I did please quote it. It’s close between white and singletary but playing at pitt I don’t have a good feeling about it. I may be terribly wrong and he puts up 30 points hell I don’t know
  6. Why feel the need to be a smartass you mf? You can disagree but you don’t need to be a punk about it
  7. Sounds about right. I don’t have the stones to start him frankly, going with james white in PPR. Especially since he gets 0 goal line action. Would be tough for mike singletary to get double digit points this week.
  8. I have both as well but it’s easily Baltimore for me. At home and against the lousy jets.
  9. Someone posted earlier than weather nay be a factor in the TEnn game. Potential snow, etc. that would sway me towards winston ciggies
  10. Go with your gut and sit saquan as hard as that is to fathom.
  11. After last week’s great performance ( when he was probably on a lot of benches), watch him get 3 touches this week while they feature Rex instead. Because, you know, the hoodie.
  12. Time to cue up ron paul its happenin’
  13. Thinking the same way. With limited WR options he should get plenty of looks. Schedule looking pretty good down the stretch too. I’m in
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