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  1. Can you add a OP spot for sure, maybe even an extra flex too? If so, I'd be in to draft any time before 9pm EST. after that is too late for my 5am alarm. mlitts11@gmail.com LeagueSafe for payment I'm assuming?
  2. About the survivor question.... starting week 3 if you are the lowest score of the week you are out of the running for the $50. Once you are the low score you are not part of the survivor part anymore. Last person not to be the lowest score with the remaining teams gets the $50. So week 13 it will be a head to head for the high score to win the $50. Lets fill this league!
  3. How is payment handled? If it's LeagueSafe I would be in. n/m I can't read haha I'm in, mlitts11@gmail.com
  4. 9pm eastern time would work for me! I'll be sleeping mountain time!!
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