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  1. Chark is just an absolute waste of a person this year. Now he's screwing up Robinson
  2. I love the reactions you get. Not "man this sucks". Not "god fantasy football pisses me off". "Bust". Calling him a "clown". He purposely got injured just to piss you all off!
  3. "The COVID Coughers" is a pretty scary team name these days.
  4. Crowder with Darnold is money. Especially against Seattle. He's a WR2. All of his bad games were with Flaccid Flacco. He put up three 100 yard games to start the season, then Flaccid Flacco took over, Crowder was injured a bit, Darnold and Crowder back together and he scores two touchdowns. He's $$$.
  5. Also the new Dez story. Supposedly he was on the field hugging players and just socializing right before his negative test. Curious if this might lead to some more Ravens positives. Bad timing with week 14.
  6. The Steelers offense is entirely different. Constant wide receiver sets. No run game. Just isn't a star receiver friendly offense. I just feel like the Steelers don't have a true number 1 - they want to spread it.
  7. It's on Fox in Chicago. Everyone check whatever the local Fox station is? Basic television, not even cable.
  8. He's hyped up on RotoWorld forums as if he's the next Barry Sanders. When in reality he's a poor runner who can only operate with gaping holes and 1st and goal on the 1 touchdown dives where he luckily sticks the ball over the line. And has horrible nicknames such as "King Hendry" when he doesn't deserve the king title. Plus his hair makes any sane person want to vomit when it looks like a rats tail. He is a sub average runner who gets too much praise when he'll be an afterthought in the history of running backs because he's nothing special and is only fantasy relevant. An easy target fo
  9. Hahaha. He's a terrible runner and gets lucky based on situation. Dude is embarrassing. Well deserved garbage points game. Hope he continues to ruin teams dreams come playoff time.
  10. I'm not wishing for injury - I would never want anyone to get injured, no matter how much I think they suck as a football player. But Henry is an overrated runner who is stacked by stats because of situation. He isn't even mentionable in the top 50 runningbacks of all time.
  11. Garbage RB can't even get the 2pt conversion. Shocker.
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