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  1. got him last night at 30th overall in my 16 team superflex guillotine league. CMC and Sanders makes me a happy camper
  2. Sitting in favor of Tyler Boyd, Devante Parker, Marvin Jones
  3. Sitting Gallup in favor of Kupp, Keenan, Golladay, and Singletary
  4. I'm in 3 fantasy football leagues this year: 12 Team Auction, .5 PPR, $65 entry 10-3 (1st), 1st rd BYE in playoffs 12 Team Snake, .5 PPR, Fun League 9-4 (2nd) Locked playoffs, which start Week 15 14 Team Keeper, PPR, $30 entry 9-4 (1st) No playoff byes in this league 🔥 🔥 🔥
  5. Same. If he can just give me 8-12 points, I'll be happy.
  6. He has one of the best playoff schedules, I would consider Parker a set and forget WR1 for the next 3 weeks.
  7. Fine for a stash, but you'd have to be desperate to start
  8. [...] Wouldn't be surprised if he led the backfield in scrimmage yards and finished with around 14/55/1 on the ground and 5/45 in the air
  9. Fantasy Data -- QB12 Fantasy Pros -- QB14 My Fantasy League -- QB14 And as I've stated before, his ADP was around the 9th round in 12 team leagues around end of August. He was drafted in 95% of leagues and in any legitimate competitive league he most certainly would have been drafted in the 8th-10th rounds.
  10. 19 carries, 45 yards. 5 catches, 39 yards. Maybe he'll stick a TD, but it'll be tough.
  11. It's Chicago, so I don't think that's gonna happen
  12. Oct 4th I traded away Cooper Kupp and Marvin Jones Jr for Dalvin Cook and Demarcus Robinson Since Week 5, Kupp and Jones have had a total of 159.5 Cook by himself has had 160.8
  13. As I said, if Lamar was not drafted in your league, you are in a joke league
  14. To those saying Lamar Jackson If Lamar Jackson wasn't drafted in your league, it's frankly just not a competitive league. He was a known commodity with a 9th round ADP. Even in the smaller 8 or 10 man leagues, he almost certainly should have been drafted at some point.
  15. if you're headed to the playoffs and your lineup is pretty set, you should 100% be cuffing your stud RB's if you have the bench space
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