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  1. 16 team non ppr, AP @ GB, Gibson @ AZ Or Snell vs Den? Thanks, WHIR!
  2. Half ppr, Who should I start on flex, campbell or shenault? Colts @ jags. Thanks!
  3. I would start Brown and Evans, if Evans can't go then I would replace him with Gordon, thanks for the reply!
  4. 12 team redraft league , 1qb 6 pt passing td, 0.5 pt ppr QB Watson, Burrow RB CEH, Sanders, Conner, Dobbins, Lindsay, Henderson WR Mclaurin, Sutton, Deebo, Campbell, Djax TE Gesicki WW: Pollard, Scott, Shenault, Edwards, Pittman Should I drop any of my players for these waivers? Please rate my team, thanks, WHIR!
  5. i agree above, try to give up prince isntead of jrich http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/691271-mccollumaminu-for-my-melobradleymurray-whir/
  6. I would keep conley. Fultz coming back but i think he won't be much of a factor since his shot is broken and it will take him a while to get back in bball shape.
  7. Team in sig. Currently in 6th place and holding Been winning lately but barely with 5-4. Basically my Melo/Bradley/Murray for his Mccollum, Aminu and J Simmons. I think this should help my fg% but may lost on on pts and 3s but i think i can find a better waiver than simmons. What do you think, Accept or reject? WHIR!
  8. I also have Agholor too so im contemplating with that as well
  9. Gates, Saints http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/690502-juju-diggs-or-fuller-mckinnon-or-brown-whir/
  10. Dak and Funchess http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/690502-juju-diggs-or-fuller-mckinnon-or-brown-whir/
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