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  1. It's getting nasty...Read the "Texans should teach Deshaun a lesson" post on here...As a young black millennial its a hard to ignore the racial undertones
  2. Friends think Bills should draft a RB within the first 2 rounds of the draft
  3. You clearly don't watch the games...the difference between Lamar and other elite QBs is a WR1...its that simple
  4. Some of you guys are exposing yourselves...there's a difference between watching the games and box score Lamar is an accurate passer but is inconsistent due to the lack weapons on the perimeter. Once he has a legit WR1 things should change. Allen/Mahomes/Kyler/Herbert/Watson...pretty much any QB would have limitations with the Ravens offense.
  5. The Lamar disrespect is crazy...borderline trolling or other reasons Curious what he can do with an actual WR1 like Fuller or Robinson
  6. https://twitter.com/MySportsUpdate/status/1350179057669988357/photo/
  7. So true...I hate when people talk about their leagues. Most of the times they are not playing with skilled players
  8. [...] this is clearly on his receivers
  9. https://twitter.com/john_siglerr/status/1330621492581834752
  10. https://twitter.com/RapSheet/status/1329547592959746056?s=20
  11. There are several health reason someone can be a poor candidate for laser eye surgery...I was also denied for surgery since my corneas are too thin.
  12. Ravens need to return to their 3 TE sets
  13. Shannonhan or McVay....nope...if there's not a clear cut starter...abort
  14. I'm so effin done with AKERS.....I CAN'T with this BS coach talk
  15. Have Golladay+Sutton....considering starting the rookie....anyone starting Edwards this week?
  16. Will it be Tre White assigned to Crowder?
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