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  1. This is an annual, non-keeper, 12-team H2H points fantasy baseball league hosted on CBSSports.com. My favorite attributes are the points scoring and the extended draft, which starts this Friday evening at 9 PM, but runs with 3 hour picks (pausing overnight), so it takes about a week to complete the draft. League fees are $60, which covers the CBS fees, 1st and 2nd place winners, and, most distinctively, a $10 payout each week to the team with the highest score. This has the effect of keeping teams fighting to the bitter end of the season, even those who suffered multiple injuries earlier in th
  2. Thank you for the invite, Alec, it is especially generous of you to cover the CBS fees! I suck at roto, sadly, so I'll hold out for points.
  3. Experienced owner looking for a H2H points league with weekly line-ups. Preferences: Annual $5 to $35 buy-in CBS preferred
  4. Thanks for your consideration! Yes, that's a great way to keep this from being a part-time job for all of us! I just joined. I'll watch for your LeagueSafe "bill."
  5. There appear to be no limits on transactions. This means daily add-drops to stream pitchers, which is time consuming and not very entertaining. Would you consider limiting transactions or going to weekly lineups? Are all transactions via waivers, or are guys free to add-drop? Thanks.
  6. This sounds perfect, can you share the league info link? Weekly lineups? Message me.
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