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  1. Could've had a bigger day if not for some crucial drops.
  2. Hope GB has been saving Jones so he can get a ton of burn in the FF playoffs to keep the Packers in a high playoff seed, seems like playing him more in the second half has been GBs MO this season
  3. Took a wicked shot in the second quarter, I'm glad he's ok
  4. Yahoo needs to start putting some respect on this man's projections
  5. I’m aware but they have a couple of nice matchups after that
  6. Definitely starting to look like a lost season for the Niners, no need to rush him back
  7. Julio is gonna be the reason why imma lose this week smdh
  8. As a Niners fan, I’m having some confidence in him this week, with deebo out this week, we’re missing a huge cog in our offense
  9. I sat koo because of that, I didn’t expect the weather to be this clear, didn’t check last minute
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