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  1. Could've had a bigger day if not for some crucial drops.
  2. Hope GB has been saving Jones so he can get a ton of burn in the FF playoffs to keep the Packers in a high playoff seed, seems like playing him more in the second half has been GBs MO this season
  3. Took a wicked shot in the second quarter, I'm glad he's ok
  4. Yahoo needs to start putting some respect on this man's projections
  5. I’m aware but they have a couple of nice matchups after that
  6. Definitely starting to look like a lost season for the Niners, no need to rush him back
  7. Julio is gonna be the reason why imma lose this week smdh
  8. As a Niners fan, I’m having some confidence in him this week, with deebo out this week, we’re missing a huge cog in our offense
  9. I sat koo because of that, I didn’t expect the weather to be this clear, didn’t check last minute
  10. High chance of rain tomorrow night in Charlotte, I’m probably gonna have to sit him
  11. How are we feeling about him ROS? Wr1 candidacy seems to be fading as Samuel and Moore are showing up
  12. All that’s missing are the TDs, KA has been an absolute steal this year, enjoy the ride
  13. Can't guard Mike if he ain't on the field
  14. I'd take that trade, JRob seems to be in a more volatile situation
  15. This is exactly what I'm concerned about. Rumors have it that Fuller may be moved before the trade deadline as well.
  16. The emergence of Aiyuk should help him. The YAC attack is back
  17. Season's still young, Jones’s usage will go up. Keep him fresh for the 2nd halves.
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