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  1. Im assuming the computer model is some analytics formula which has been accurate in the past from the blurbs i've seen. I've Never paid for their service though so i don't know 100%. Either way, Ignore it, or give it credene I just thought I'd pass it along.
  2. Fantasy football rankings 2021: Computer model identifies NFL sleepers, breakouts, busts, top 300 players. SportsLine's advanced computer model simulated the entire 2021 NFL season 10,000 times Top 2021 Fantasy football picks Another shocker: Bears running back David Montgomery stumbles, even though he set career-highs with 54 receptions and over 1,000 yards rushing last season. The third-year player out of Iowa State benefitted from a season-ending injury to Tarik Cohen a year ago to the tune of 301 touches (fourth in the NFL) and 1,508 yards from scrimmage, which ranked fifth.
  3. I already stated im a little biased far less than your disdain for Cam.. I'd say its a relivant stat if you look at his career he was normally in the high 50s. His first yr with norvTurner in Carolina wich they were dominating before Cams injury and his first yr in NE he connected on a 10% higher rate probably adjusting his game ala dump offs and shorter passes as you mentioned.. Again I dont think MVP Cam is returning but can he lead New England into the playoffs with a total team upgrade on both sides of the ball.. Yeah i think thats possible.
  4. C'mon man i dont think passing % is be all and end all im just pointing it out..
  5. CAM had his 2nd highest compeltion % of his Career lasy year at 65.8% , 0.01% better than Brady last yr and 5% better than Brady in his final year as a Patriot. Where they were horrible on offence but still made the Playoffs. Last yr the team was gutted from opt outs and free agency. Previous to him getting Covid he was playing well 2-1 Record and could have been 3-0 but was shut down on the GL vs Seattle in the final moments. In those games he didnt light it up in the air but had 6 total TD and 2 inteceptions, while running the ball like maybe never before. I'm not saying Edleman ta
  6. Here here! I've always been a CAM fan so maybe i'm biased but Everyone knows that NE had one of the worst maybe after Edleman went down THE worst WR TE groups last yr Re-signing White was big imo. Bourne and Aghalor are sneaky good plus Henry and Jonu, who knows ? maybe they draft a wr in the first rnd. Cam could be a wicked value pick this yr. We already know Cams gonna run like crazy, now the RPO will be much more effective with upgraded weapons.
  7. Great summary, to piggy back on this. On FFCalculator non-ppr 12 teams he is the WR22 with a ADP of 5.07 which is imo EXCELLECNT value. As the season nears i wouldnt be surprised to see it dip a little too with other WRs being hyped up including his teammate Lamb(Deservedly so imo). I think Both will be great fantasy assets this yr. Since being traded to Dallas, Dak and Cooper have played 30 games together. Here is how that has gone. 171 catches on 250 targets for 2,338 yards and 15 TDs total. Whats that train conductor?? ALLLLL AAABOOAARDDD!!
  8. Currently in mocks Jeudy isnt even being.. In the scenario where the Broncos draft a QB ala Lance/Mac you think he has WR1 potential even with Sutton? I'm pretty high on Sutton maybe i'm over looking Jeudy because of that.
  9. Yes seriously. From what i've read Lance is a risky prospect and Jeudy didnt exactly light it up last yr.. i dont follow college so i depend on write ups video and such for rookie evaluations.
  10. Rodgers in Denver would be a sight to see!! I've been seeing a lot of Trey Lance to Denver in multiple mocks.. how do you see Jeudy with a QB like Lance?
  11. This website has an aggragate of all the other draft websites literally called mock draft database it has the answers to all your questions. *Draftek is on the list https://walterfootball.com/draftdata.php
  12. I was about to kinda post something like this. It seems like i took a hard stance before but it boils down to who you pick regardless of strategy. I draft a certain way because ive had success that way but i also try and look at it after each yr and improve. No hard feelings sack exchange i might not "smash your league" but if given the opportunity I'd accept the challenge.
  13. Top 2021 Fantasy football picks The model is extremely high on Rams running back Cam Akers. The second-year pro from Florida State turned in a respectable rookie season in Los Angeles, gaining 625 yards on 145 carries and scoring two touchdowns in 13 regular-season games. He also shined in the playoffs, rushing for 131 yards and a touchdown against the Seahawks in the Wild Card Round and then torching the Packers for 90 yards and a rushing score in the NFC Divisional Playoffs. Akers emerged from a running back committee late in the regular season and is now primed to be the top back i
  14. for half-PPR and PPR, consider: receivers earning 200+ points doubled the number of RBs earning 200+ points. in half-PPR, 8 RBs finished with 200+ points (using fantasypros), 15 receivers finished with 200+ points. for PPR: 27 WRs finished the season with 200+ points (29 if we count TEs), compared with 13 RBs finishing with 200+. so your chances DOUBLE in rounds 3-4 to earn 200+ points if you go WR/TE. in PPR, avoiding RB ain't shabby, especially late round 3 early round 4. in half-PPR, Last yr In standard only 3 wr players earned over 200 points Diggs Hill and Adams with only 1 wr
  15. Sure, I play standard, PPR is too easy kinda like fantasy with trainning wheels. I played it in 3 leagues last yr and won two Championships. In standard i employ the draft RBs till you have em all style, ever since I drafted like this i've won. In the past 4 years in my main league i havent finished worst than 3rd in regular season winning it twice and won a championship. Thats beside the two PPR championships i won last yr. that said, if you were drafting at 1.10-1.12 last season and went RB/RB, you may of ended up with mixon / ekeler /sanders / drake. tough to survive to the play
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