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  1. This website has an aggragate of all the other draft websites literally called mock draft database it has the answers to all your questions. *Draftek is on the list https://walterfootball.com/draftdata.php
  2. I was about to kinda post something like this. It seems like i took a hard stance before but it boils down to who you pick regardless of strategy. I draft a certain way because ive had success that way but i also try and look at it after each yr and improve. No hard feelings sack exchange i might not "smash your league" but if given the opportunity I'd accept the challenge.
  3. Top 2021 Fantasy football picks The model is extremely high on Rams running back Cam Akers. The second-year pro from Florida State turned in a respectable rookie season in Los Angeles, gaining 625 yards on 145 carries and scoring two touchdowns in 13 regular-season games. He also shined in the playoffs, rushing for 131 yards and a touchdown against the Seahawks in the Wild Card Round and then torching the Packers for 90 yards and a rushing score in the NFC Divisional Playoffs. Akers emerged from a running back committee late in the regular season and is now primed to be the top back i
  4. for half-PPR and PPR, consider: receivers earning 200+ points doubled the number of RBs earning 200+ points. in half-PPR, 8 RBs finished with 200+ points (using fantasypros), 15 receivers finished with 200+ points. for PPR: 27 WRs finished the season with 200+ points (29 if we count TEs), compared with 13 RBs finishing with 200+. so your chances DOUBLE in rounds 3-4 to earn 200+ points if you go WR/TE. in PPR, avoiding RB ain't shabby, especially late round 3 early round 4. in half-PPR, Last yr In standard only 3 wr players earned over 200 points Diggs Hill and Adams with only 1 wr
  5. Sure, I play standard, PPR is too easy kinda like fantasy with trainning wheels. I played it in 3 leagues last yr and won two Championships. In standard i employ the draft RBs till you have em all style, ever since I drafted like this i've won. In the past 4 years in my main league i havent finished worst than 3rd in regular season winning it twice and won a championship. Thats beside the two PPR championships i won last yr. that said, if you were drafting at 1.10-1.12 last season and went RB/RB, you may of ended up with mixon / ekeler /sanders / drake. tough to survive to the play
  6. I usually draft 4 rbs straight, thinking of going 5 deep this yr. Zero rb seems like a meme that popped up 5-6 years ago when TOP tier RBs were limited and the lower tiers were pretty **** Cedric Benson Beanie Wells etc and TOP WR were putting up big numbers AB Jordy nelson megatron julio .. basically there were more top tier wrs than rbs. Never used it, never seen it used, never seen it win.
  7. I don't find Walterfootball a joke. It's mock drafts no one gets it 100% right Charlie Campbell, Senior Draft Analyst Last update: Monday, April 5, 2021. Round 5 added. Follow Charlie on Twitter @draftcampbell for updates. Led all NFL media in draft rumor accuracy in '15, '16, '17, '18, and '20 Led all NFL media in correct picks for the 2017 and 2019 NFL Drafts This guy puts up mocks on WalterFootball with good analysis of the players and why each team pick was made. I checked out draftek as i had never heard of it before and dont see it as superior to WF at all.
  8. I get that but he's still QB20+. I'm looking forward to seeing what he can do.
  9. The emancipation of Sam Darnald!! It should be interesting to see if another Gase QB can succeed outside his "system". The trade seems like a win for both teams but fantasy wise the "needle" doesn't move much for me. Not draftable in 1QB leagues.
  10. After doing a lil more digging some have him ranked as a top 4 TE already. What round would you be willing to go "All in" for Pitts? Fant/Hockenson both were touted as game changers and had not so spectacular rookie seasons. Are you drafting Pitts ahead of Fant/Hockenson this yr?
  11. Pitts is arguably the best player (regardless of position) in this 2021 NFL Draft class. He's a man amongst boys playing in the SEC and he could very easily enter into the top-5 NFL TE conversation the minute he gets drafted. He's an incredible and diverse route-runner that lines up all over the formation. He can be lined up in-line as a blocker and run a deep post from attached to the line of scrimmage or he can line up out wide and run comebacks. Possesses an inexplainable ability to sink in and out of his routes for a player that is 250 pounds. He's able to shift his momentum like a player
  12. That s a thorough assessment, which i agree with!! My train of thought is thatt he Pats are getting back their defensive leaders from covid opt outs in 2019 (chung, hightower, mccourtey) plus the additions in FA (judon, van noy etc)will boost their D back to what it was previous yrs(championship caliber). Their offense was terrible last yr, like car wreck bad. i wont put that all on Newton, signed late no otas preseason etc. The oline was downgraded last yr and they might have had the worst WRs in the league. O line has been improved with Trent brown and the return of Cannon from co
  13. https://bengalswire.usatoday.com/2021/03/25/joe-burrow-telling-bengals-reunite-jamarr-chase-nfl-draft/ Seems like Burrows wants Chase.
  14. Talks about how things went down in Philly, happy to be in Indy and reunited/relationship with Reich. They also touch on how Pat wanted the Colts to go for another QB ala Stafford, Rodgers, Wilson (how I felt too). Fresh start with a winning team etc. I wasn't thrilled about the trade but after listening to this and his press debut i'm more neutral/optimistic.
  15. Seems like a good yr to draft their defence. I think they will get back to double digit wins on the strength of their D.
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