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  1. My reaction was "awww man". The move seemed inevitable though and a 3rd and 2nd isnt much.. stil not a fan though seems like at best a lateral move at QB and I didnt think they were winning a SB with Rivers. Ballard has been a great GM so far and knows better than me. FantasyWise im not drafting.
  2. Agreed this place is awesome.. you and cleats are the og posters i know a few others, great minds and great opinions. Im obviously biased in this particular case as hes mainly been connected the Colts. I do think he will improve there im just not a fan and never have been.
  3. maybe I overstepped a little, appologies. Mjj28s points seemed clear to me and i thought your example was disingenous in essense calling him illogical. I get people have differing opinions but when you twisted his example it just seemed to ME that you were doing so on purpose to " win" the argument which i found underhanded. I guess i was wrong once again my appologies. I 100% respect your opinion aswell as i have read many of your posts in many other threads throughout the yrs and generally agree with you just not this one i guess. No hard feelings pal nothing personal.
  4. Its hard to tell if you actually think Wentz is good or just like to be a contrarian.. I agree with mjj28s point of view for the most part as he made a few excellent posts explaining his point of view. You basically called him illogical while twisting his words.. very deceptive and underhanded imo I doubt the Eagles would have drafted Hurts in the 2nd round had they thought Wentz was the long term answer nor would they have benched Wentz down the stretch if they planned to start him 2021. What i saw last yr and the yr before was a dude who got paid and his production declined
  5. whats your point ? He's still garbage and not worth a 1st
  6. It's laughable the Eagles think he's worth a 1st rounder. He was terrible last yr literally benched for a rookie. Why would the Eagles even draft Hurts if they believed in Wentz? Who cares about 3 years ago when he was in the MVP conversation.. that means nothing now.
  7. The Colts wouldnt part with a 1st rounder for Stafford but will for Wentz, don't see that happening. Phillys pushing this story not the Colts. If he does go to the Colts i would expect him to improve with a better WR group run game and o-line but not back to pre injury levels. Would not draft in fantasy
  8. Based on the vids posted in this thread. He seems like the pooorest mans Kyler Murray.. i'm down
  9. The Hinton glitch will go down as one of the greatest fantasy moments of 2020 one way or another. LOCKED&LOADED!!!
  10. Brady is signed for 2 yrs and they are in win now mode, signing MR.BIGCHEST a tarnished never in the league again star is proof of that.. do you think Brady would want AB so badly if he wasnt better than what he already has? C'mon Man.
  11. I'm not too worried if it was end of season bad i think that news would have come out by now. Never heard this news and to me sounds semi encouraging.
  12. Evens is a goal line Wr for some reason and not getting any yards godwins barely played howards gone. Bradys former BFFs Welker Edelman . Brown is Bradys new BFF imo
  13. Hyperbole, excitement and a lil bit of joking around is frowned upon? Im excited bro I also see the logic in not getting him if your players are better and you have no room. Now that it's official i think wr2 isnt out of the question considering Brady basically made it happen and if it fails its on him.
  14. I agree if your players are better and established. I picked him up after Sutton went down and stashed in a IR spot so literally no loss if it didnt work out.. id rather have Sutton tbh. Also I always need at least 1 insane WR per year .. Harvin..Gordon.. now its MR.BigChest, these dynomite players that have issues are the most fun to own for some reason. Good luck Brother
  15. He was as a penny stock a loss wouldnt have or shouldnt have impacted your team.
  16. Stashed AB .. we are the smartest and superior in every way!! Didnt stash AB... You guys are so stupid you will regret your decision to stash that lunatic Hes old and Bradys done.. hate hate hate lol (secretly wishes they had AB)
  17. Who cares zigzag. Tonight we are smoking fattys
  18. It wont let me put gifs bigger than 55kb dm me how for some gif magic.
  19. Brother Why are you hating? We are here to celebrate our excellent forsight and you're being a major downer.
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