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  1. Joe Mixon hasn’t done much to merit his high ADP this season, but the volume has been there. He’s off to a very familiar start, with only 27 points through three games again and no touchdowns in 2020. However, he’s had at least 19 touches in every game thus far, putting him on pace for 315 total. The touchdowns will come and he will continue to get stronger as the season goes; last season, he averaged 27 touches a game during the last four games, with 5 touchdowns in the last eight games. Owners won’t be willing to part with Mixon for just anything, but send an offer and try to find a middle ground. If you need an RB1 for the price of an RB2, then ok no further than Mixon. This is something i found while looking for positive Mixon news. Hope he's right.
  2. Up 24. He has Lamar I have Hollywood..can go either way, feel like i'm catching my first L
  3. Vent- Passed on DK for HOLLYWOOD because i didnt want to start two Seattle wrs and Carson.. DK IS A LEGIT BOSS
  4. I'm with ya man last 3 years. 2-3-5. I hate losing and this week i'll probably lose. Im up 26 with HOLLYWOOD left he has LJax and Cooks tonight... 3-0 still possible but i doubt it
  5. He walked off on his own.. hopefully he is ok.
  6. Biggest Bust of 2020 atm. Riding the pine today and untill 100% needed his scheduale might be the worst ROS
  7. Snagged him on the 9-10 turn with Diontae. After this week thinking of switching Lamb for Hollywood and as DHC says watch the points pile up!
  8. This was from twitter as a part of a article i read. I google players and read articles transfer info to these forums i feel might help. No one spot..i dont have twitter but imagine you could find a bunch of stats like this there weekly. Ill try and f8nd the account for you for an example. https://mobile.twitter.com/PFF Here ya go.. this is the link from the article.
  9. CeeDee Lamb stats/rank when lined up in the slot: 74 snaps (2nd) 10 catches (5th) 132 yards (3rd) Seattle has given up an NFL-high 412 yards to slot receivers this year.
  10. I don't play yahoo. But you would have to roster him before moving to reserve spot if possible in yahoo.
  11. I'm a 2 time lockett owner snapped him last rnd his breakout yr. Maybe Lockett owners just know there is nothing to worry when it comes to TL. It does seem unusually quiet though for such a yearly draft steal. I like what Russ is cook'n i'd say double digit TDs, Lock-ett
  12. RESERVE SPOT LEAGUE WINNER LOL.. I picked him up this week after losing Sutton and have been trolling my league mates (mostly Steelers fans) posting gifs with WEEK9 along with it. That alone has made picking him up worth it.. If you have a reserve spot it seems stupid not to roster him. A few months ago betting sites had favourable odds for him playing this yr fwiw.
  13. He's always done punt returns. Have you watched the Rams in past seasons?
  14. He's back and looks good !! BALLER FIRST CATCH..
  15. This is my approach going forward. I sat him for Mixon this week and regret it.
  16. I don't play keepers, was a 1st rnd pick and cant wait till 2nd half of season for my 1st rounder to produce.. i drafted him rookie yr as well hes unconsistant tp the max. On another team he'd probably thrive but hes on rge Bengals. It's early and i'm not giving up completely just dissapointing blowing my first rnd pick.
  17. Great post. It's still "preseason",the Bengals were the worst last yr, 61 pass attempts is the 2nd most EVER i think, Gio is a lil snake, the o line stinks. not to mention the Browns run D was pretty good against the Ravens last week..everything went wrong the past two games I have the depth to sit him but benching your top pick in week two or three is a gut punch. I wasn't confident in him this week tbh and he did do slightly better than last. I'll roll with him one more time and if he he flops use better options till his famous "2nd half explosion."
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