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  1. If Bill Belichicks on board so am I. Both have something to prove this yr. Cam has a boulder on his shoulder, reminds me of when Vick returned and everyone thought he'd be finished.. I got him as my backup but was prepared to draft him as my QB1.
  2. Picked him up last pick of the last round. With the pats dropping sanu i can see NKH being cams guy ala Kelvin Benjamin
  3. Ya, I made a mistake. Some times i also write then instead of than.
  4. I double checked my draft, 30th WR taken. I'll be happy with top 20.
  5. Coach Kliff Kingsbury relayed that Drake is expected to be utilized more in the Cardinals' passing attack this season, Darren Urban of the team's official site reports. "He's hard to tackle one-on-one in space," Kingsbury said Monday. "So that's an area we'd like to get him more involved in." From a couple weeks ago.. more cole for the train.
  6. LOL That's a lot of hate. Mixon wasnt my first choice but I don't hate him at all. I would have gone Sanders a few weeks ago but the O-line injuries dropped him a little for me.
  7. Got him at the 7-8 round turn in the ten spot in a ten team league.
  8. I prefer to stack QB RB if thats considered the same thing or not i dont know. last yr LJax and Ingram. The double points are glorious on top of that youre always getting points. Running QBs and their RBs seem like the best combo imo.
  9. I'm feeling great about both of the last two blurbs. Coaches are all in and so am I.. got him at the rnd 1-2 Turn with Mixon.
  10. Cleats show me the light.. recently ive been drafting Drake over Sanders and Mixon but not Chubb or Jacobs am i doing it right?? I like drake and have always liked your insight $tadard $coring
  11. I think this is where we are. Sorry for the obnoxious posts.
  12. No doubt. I'm a Colts homer. Hoping for a Ingram/Kamara type year.
  13. O line blaah blah blah riverd check downs blqh blqh vlah .. TD upside
  14. Ima reaching. ROUND 4 tuRN 10 teamer.. chOOOOO--CHHHOOOOO
  15. i like your confidence !! How would you rank those guys i listed standard?? If i take a mixon sanders or drake i, hope to pair with a less risky guy like jacobs or chubb
  16. Draft tomorrow pretty much every rb in the 10 range is iffy. Mixon chubb jacobs sanders and drake. Not ideal
  17. Originally had him before Drake now looks like this .. standard league Mixon Chub Drake Jacobs Sanders
  18. I predict he plays better this yr. They fire gase and hire a better coach. draft/sign a wr1 and he blows up next yr.. or mo gase mo problems
  19. https://www.bloggingtheboys.com/2020/8/15/21369238/dallas-cowboys-special-teams-john-fassel-may-want-first-dibs-on-ceedee-lamb If you play in a league with return yards this might help.
  20. Something I saw yesterday said drake basically carried over the same averages from Miami but got more opportunit(18plus touches per game).. regardless.. ill only go drake if mixon and chubb gone I'D like to pair Sanders with Mixon than Chubb than Drake.. Jones is out for me dogg
  21. No doubt there friend. Just wanted to start a discussion on RW. Wasn't planning on drafting him but these articles and other reasons have me 2nd guessing myself.. it's pretty high draft capital where he's going and thought maybe others are trying to decide if they should take the plunge or not. I saw Mahomes Jackson Murray Dak and Watson threads. I Don't see the harm in starting one for "Four 4th quarter RUSS!!!"
  22. Also play standard in a ten year old league, we dont do bonus' but do have return yards.we also only have ten guys so the talent pool is bit larger. We use a QB 2RB 3WR TE FLEX DEF set up. Overall we seem to be looking at the same guys and seem to be having the same concerns about Mixon and Chubb.. I'm not down on Chubb infact i think he could be better than last yr with Stefanski calling plays and the addition of Conklin.. It's hard to ignore the Mixon hype this yr though, i did last yr in this exact same scenario and i went Chubb but with Burrows in cincy their minor O-line upgrade and visions of what Gurley did in this system,i'm changing my mind daily.. I draft 10th so its possible i get both or sanders.. atm I'm leaning Mixon for said reasons and that he catches more passes. I normally go heavy RB and use the flex spot as a RB spot. If i could play 4 rbs i'd 100% draft 3 in a row and 100% draft 4 in a row 50/50 on the 5th. gotta have some quality insurrance if you invest heavy RB imo
  23. I searched and could not find one. https://www.seahawks.com/news/seahawks-quarterback-russell-wilson-i-m-just-hitting-the-beginning-of-my-prime Seahawks QB Russell Wilson said the offense should be more aggressive this season and "treat every quarter like the fourth quarter." Wilson has officially given his blessing to the Let Russ Cook sentiment among Seattle fans and football fans who enjoy big plays and touchdowns. There's no indication hyper-conservative Seahawks OC Brian Schottenheimer will open up his offense and stop limiting Mr. Unlimited. The dual threat Wilson would be a fantasy football fever dream in a more pass-heavy scheme. We can dream. Reading these certainly puts some cole into the hype train for me..
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