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  1. Tebow would be so dissapointed in you right now.
  2. I'm not discounting Mostert, I think he's great and owned him last yr and down the stretch the yr he broke out but he misses games and the 9ERS have run a RBBC for a few yrs now look how many RBs they have on their current roster, thats not a new trend. If all of them were healthy at once last yr they could have produced too. Sermons Shannys Hand picked RB who he tradded multiple picks for and due to circumstance he's already running with the first team once Mosterts back i'm sure that will change. In general his first impressions have been positive his ADP is lower by a few rounds whic
  3. Remember how Mostert took over dominating as one of the TOP RBS mid season or down the stretch getting like 15-18 touches a game a few yrs ago? That's what I envision for Sermon but possibly earlier in the yr. Even if Mostert stays healthy once lance takes over they could be running the ball at the same rate as Baltimore
  4. Sharkswimmer Is this a smokescreen ? Seems pretty much in line with what everyones saying. Gonna be a uphill battle. Urban says he didn't even watch him practice lol. What the hell are the Jags doing? lol https://thespun.com/nfl/afc-south/jacksonville-jaguars/urban-meyer-shares-brutally-honest-admission-on-tim-tebow
  5. Another thing i guesd i'd like to add regarding his Draft capital specifically last yr. I play in a league with the same guys i have been for over a decade even the least savy drafter is savy to the extent that "sleepers" don't exist in the same way they do in a league with new fantasy players. We all know the guys it's just who's willing to reach for said sleeper and by how much. As soon as CEH was drafted to KC our group chat exploded so the hype in my league was instantaneous and me drafting 10th knew i wasnt going to have the option to draft him and thats how it played out. Hi
  6. Bro I hear you. Mixon is legit and has done it in the past, that's how I talked myself into him last yr. Like he's ok but take a look at his game logs https://www.fantasypros.com/nfl/games/joe-mixon.php. you can go back to see every game he's played and missed ; ) Last yr encapsultes what he is as a player to me as a whole. He had a few ok games nothing special. Then has a MONSTER game followed up with a decent game and injury. So his overall stats look good but he's getting them in bulk by having moneter games with average play in between. If the guys i want are gone i'll take Mixo
  7. I think many factors lead to CEHs inflated ADP last yr. The fact that KC selected their RB of choice in the first round following a superbowl victory, and that CEH was a proficent catching back in college. Being in a offence led by Patrick Mahomes which we saw Kareem Hunt thrive in a year previous were the major factors imo . I also thought his draft capital last yr was too rich for my taste the hype got so big and he was overdrafted at least in my draft. (4th overall) LOL This yr his ADP seems decent/fair, To me at least.
  8. I could say the skys the limit about a bunch of players including the ones i'm currently drafting OVER him. I'm trying to see what you guys are seeing. Like i said i haven't done much reseach into him, that article provided some decent insight and a little bit of stats but left me with more questions? Why did he get so few carries in college and if he was a converted wr why did he mostly plat the 1-2 down back role?
  9. In standard scoring although the ordering of the top 3 is a work in progress. I'd even toss in Gibson. Ekler i was never sold on or a fan 9f so i'm biased, they drafted a SOLID RB this yr and J.Kelly last yr. Mixon 100% could do better than all of these guys but after owning him twice his rookie yr and last i'd rather have someone else. He's inconsistant and injury prone I see his worth but bake those two factors into his ADP.
  10. This is my first look into Gibson so your opinions are a great help and appreciated. I'm basically neutral on him but always pass on him in mock drafts. He has a Mid to High 2ND round ADP and I'm normally aiming for Akers or Najee and dismissing AG which might not be prudent. From what i have read i'm more positive about him for sure but still uncertain and neutral. Pick a rushing metric and there’s a good chance that Gibson performed well in it: PFF rushing grade: 85.1 (No. 5 among 47 qualified RBs) Missed tackles forced per rush: 0.22 (tied for No. 5) Yards pe
  11. I also suspect his ADP to go up, i hope not much though as he's certainly a player i want to target. If i can get CEH in the third id still go RB RB RB. Who ever in the first lets say Chubbor Taylor then a combo of (depending what slot im drafting in) Akers, Dobbins, Najee or CEH. TAYLOR AKERS CEH , CHUBB NAJEE CEH, many other combos all dirty!!! I think whats more realistic is as draft day approaches he will have a 2nd rnd ADP and i'll have to decide between him and one of the others i listed. ANDY REID KNOWS A THING OR TWO ABOUT ENABLING A HIGH-END FANTASY RB We’ve seen example
  12. I see you have never owned Mixon before.. J.K 🤣🤣 I'd have Dobbins ranked after Najee and over CEH at the moment with Mixon and Ekler lower.
  13. These projections and clip are from the SBNation article i linked below. It's a "Homer" article 100% but some info and a lil projections are always good to add to the debate. " He had 152 total touches (134 rush / 18 rec) as a rookie who played very sparingly in the first-half of the year. In 2021, Dobbins should push for 200+ touches (180+ rush / 20+ rec) and with his elite yards per touch efficiency (6.1 YPT), 1,300 total yards and 10 scores is definitely in the cards. Get pumped up Ravens flock, that big heart #27 has is ready to roll and become the driving force on offense for the Rav
  14. I did some "enterprising research" into the Phill Sims story and found out a few things... This whole "situation" was nothing but an opinion of Keyshawn Johnson on Monday Night Countdown a pre game show known for hot takes. That was than discussed by every show that only do hot takes for ratings. Tebow was told he would be the starter before trainning camp, the Broncos tried to trade Orton but couldn't get chit in return, Orton started the year 1-5. Mangini makes some good points but to me they get negated instantly when asked how he would like to see Tim Te
  15. The Tebow-spiracy will only grow with his repeated silence. Please breakdown this vid for me. Theres a ten second clip of Lawerence and Tebow walking together they appear to be talking to each other but we all know evil Tebow would never acknowledge his "competition" in public.
  16. Someone should put up a Billboard wanting Tebow to start at QB just to gauge his support for Trevor Lawerence just like Kyle Orton. That should clear everything up, plus we could disect every word and his body language to see just how evil he really is. #TEBOWFALSEIDOL #W0RSTEAMMATEEVER Ortengate 2.0
  17. I was hoping you'd come through with some legit dirt and enlighten a pleab like myself with your enterprising researcher capabilities. Instead you provide hyperbolic opinion.
  18. "Dozens" 12×?(Simms+Anecdote)=Sharkswimmers Tim Tebow delusions.
  19. Here you are deflecting a direct question about proof of your previous claim by implying i dont understand the complexities of team sports, really? lol. I don't know if you have an inferiority complex or something but you do seem to like to put others down, myself as well as others here. Why do you do low key ad hominen attacks to other posters when asked a question instead of just answering and showing proof for claims you made? your verbal diarrea is becoming tiresome, please put up or shut up with the hate.
  20. Damn dude I don't know what Tim Tebow did to you but it must have been really bad. I expected you to turn it around and say charity work is essentially a selfish act and you did. I could post vids of childrens testimony saying he changed their lives etc but you would find something negative with that too. Can you at least provide the one instance you mentioned? Or any other I'm pretty interested into seeing this dark side thats so well known that i seem to be oblivious too.
  21. What changed? The Jags got the top draft pick and the Khanster lured the top NCAA coach to Jacksonville creating the biggest BUZZ Jacksonville has had in years. Than as if it were a WWE scripted show, Tim Tebow rises from the grave, changes positions, returns and re-unite with his former coach not only in the NFL but in Florida. I'm looking forward to watching the Jags play this yr for the first time in a LONG while for a mixture of reasons, one being Urban Meyers. I don't really follow NCAA but i know the name Urban Meyers the same as i heard of Chip Kelly, Pete Carrol and Harbaugh be
  22. HEY NOW! Draft Capital just went up.
  23. I thought ZERO RB meant to draft a RB with your first pick lol
  24. Hey Bud !! Today is your lucky day!! www.createyourownrankingswithtiersforfree.com
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