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  1. Evens is a goal line Wr for some reason and not getting any yards godwins barely played howards gone. Bradys former BFFs Welker Edelman . Brown is Bradys new BFF imo
  2. Hyperbole, excitement and a lil bit of joking around is frowned upon? Im excited bro I also see the logic in not getting him if your players are better and you have no room. Now that it's official i think wr2 isnt out of the question considering Brady basically made it happen and if it fails its on him.
  3. I agree if your players are better and established. I picked him up after Sutton went down and stashed in a IR spot so literally no loss if it didnt work out.. id rather have Sutton tbh. Also I always need at least 1 insane WR per year .. Harvin..Gordon.. now its MR.BigChest, these dynomite players that have issues are the most fun to own for some reason. Good luck Brother
  4. He was as a penny stock a loss wouldnt have or shouldnt have impacted your team.
  5. Stashed AB .. we are the smartest and superior in every way!! Didnt stash AB... You guys are so stupid you will regret your decision to stash that lunatic Hes old and Bradys done.. hate hate hate lol (secretly wishes they had AB)
  6. Who cares zigzag. Tonight we are smoking fattys
  7. It wont let me put gifs bigger than 55kb dm me how for some gif magic.
  8. Brother Why are you hating? We are here to celebrate our excellent forsight and you're being a major downer.
  10. I'm in on Laviska.. https://www.espn.com/blog/jacksonville-jaguars/post/_/id/28690/laviska-shenault-evolves-from-flex-weapon-to-jaguars-leading-receiver Chiaverini is the offensive coordinator and receivers coach at Colorado. He recruited Shenault, first while he was special-teams coordinator and outside receivers coach at Texas Tech under Kliff Kingsbury, and then after joining the Buffaloes' staff in 2016. He has high expectations for a player he compared to Julio Jones and Anquan Boldin. Another comparison i've heard was a bigger Percy Harvin. “He s
  11. Joe Mixon hasn’t done much to merit his high ADP this season, but the volume has been there. He’s off to a very familiar start, with only 27 points through three games again and no touchdowns in 2020. However, he’s had at least 19 touches in every game thus far, putting him on pace for 315 total. The touchdowns will come and he will continue to get stronger as the season goes; last season, he averaged 27 touches a game during the last four games, with 5 touchdowns in the last eight games. Owners won’t be willing to part with Mixon for just anything, but send an offer and try to find a middle g
  12. Up 24. He has Lamar I have Hollywood..can go either way, feel like i'm catching my first L
  13. Vent- Passed on DK for HOLLYWOOD because i didnt want to start two Seattle wrs and Carson.. DK IS A LEGIT BOSS
  14. I'm with ya man last 3 years. 2-3-5. I hate losing and this week i'll probably lose. Im up 26 with HOLLYWOOD left he has LJax and Cooks tonight... 3-0 still possible but i doubt it
  15. He walked off on his own.. hopefully he is ok.
  16. Biggest Bust of 2020 atm. Riding the pine today and untill 100% needed his scheduale might be the worst ROS
  17. Snagged him on the 9-10 turn with Diontae. After this week thinking of switching Lamb for Hollywood and as DHC says watch the points pile up!
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