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  1. Talks about how things went down in Philly, happy to be in Indy and reunited/relationship with Reich. They also touch on how Pat wanted the Colts to go for another QB ala Stafford, Rodgers, Wilson (how I felt too). Fresh start with a winning team etc. I wasn't thrilled about the trade but after listening to this and his press debut i'm more neutral/optimistic.
  2. Seems like a good yr to draft their defence. I think they will get back to double digit wins on the strength of their D.
  3. Akers' first game carrying the load week 13. 21 carries 72 yards 1 TD/ 1 catch 1 target 22 yards. Not too shabby.
  4. I'll take Akers. He's younger, faster and on a better team. He averaged 24 carries/targets per game once he took over last yr plus playoffs. I like opportunity and this guys gonna get it. That's not saying I think Elliots trash. This could be the best year to draft him with his depressed draft price. With Dak he was pretty fricken good also averaging 24 carries/targets per game and scoring 6(in 5games) of his seasons 8 tds. I know Dallas kinda tossed in the towel after Dak got hurt but Elliot even with Dak only went over 100 yards rushing twice last yr while Akers went over 100 yards twice in 6 games including the playoffs. Just something i noticed i thought i'd toss in. I have them ranked 9.Akers 10.Elliot.
  5. First playoff game in his career, no problem! 20 plus fantasy points vs Seattle!
  6. This was Akers " Breakout" game, he does everything including catch the ball(ppr). I know this is just one game but it shows how the Rams can and possibly want to use him in 2021.
  7. Right now as it stands with no competition for Ekler I'd take Akers in all formats. I feel he's superior at football and on a better offence. I understand PPR, Played for the first time last year won a chip.
  8. You are correct. My bad. I view Akers as a workhorse. i dont view Ekler as a workhorse and wont be surprised if they draft someone next month
  9. You do know that all but one of those years he shared the backfield with all world HOFer LT. Do you want me to post LTs stats alongside sproles stats showing why his are so low to start his career and progressivly get better as LTs decline? Sproles was great, always. He just had tougher competition and less opportunity in San Diego. He prob decided to go to the saintsnin free agencey because of the opportunity and scheme fit.
  10. Boudwijn. Heres a quote i pulled from walterfootball who graded the trade as a B+ for the 9ers and a A+ for the Dolphins as i didnt really touch on your dynasty question. "The 49ers paid a steep cost to move up to No. 3, but a franchise quarterback is priceless, especially if he's on a rookie contract for four years. Garoppolo is clearly not the answer, so if the 49ers can shave off a huge chunk of their cap to potentially upgrade quarterback and have enough money to spend on more talented players, that's a win." I agree with this and as stated earlier I think Aiyuk has already proven he can be a valuable fantasy asset with a bad QB.
  11. Umm.. yes! lol. My original league is standard so i'm ranking him in that fashion even still i'd take Akers over Ekler in PPR. I can envision a "prime Gurley" type season from if he stays healthy.
  12. I think WRs like Aiyuk can get theirs on their own, he's incredible after the catch and seems to get great seperation. imo a good to top tier QB would propell him to WR1 . I'm not concerned about the QB situation at all . Garopollo was hurt last yr for the most part and Aiyuk played pretty damn good down the stretch albeit without kittle and deebo he got more targets than he might have otherwise. Week Receptions Yards TDs 7 6 115 0 8 8 91 1 10 7 75 1 13 5 95 1 14 10 119 0 15 9 73 1 I'm pretty sure those stats are with some scrub at QB. Pretty good imo. Pretty consistant and thats excluding whatever rushing yards. Overall i view the QB situation as a upgrade to what he had last yr. at worst the 9ers will have BigG. If he's there and gets hurt they will have a top prospect QB, Shannahans hand picked QB, something i think he's wanted to have for awhile. Plus he's maybe the best in the league at executing the Jets sweep!! Aiyuk looks like a future WR1. I was hoping the Colts would get him early 2nd round last yr and was upset to see the 9ers draft him. I still prefer him to Pittman and I like Pittman.
  13. https://www.fantasypros.com/2021/02/early-undervalued-wide-receivers-2021-fantasy-football/ Ssshhhh.. lol I think he is one of the better options to outpreform his ADP (currently wr 33 round 7 spot 11 standard scoring on ffcalculator). My guess by draft day he will be the WR 26th-30th. In the late 6th or early 7th rnd. Strong WR2.
  14. Ive done a few mocks which are meaningless atm but hes going as the 10-12th qb anywhere from round 8-10 with 8-9QBs being taken by rnd 6.. The noteable thing to me was how high all the other QBs are going compared to previous yrs possibly making "sleepers" go a few rnds early too. Hurts is currently my top "late rnd QB" reminds me of LJax in the sense where they both got their feet wet at the end of the season and took off yr 2.
  15. I'd be happy to take Mixon in the 3rd round but no earlier. I think the potential for a huge season IS there more so if Gio gets traded but it's hard to bite earlier than that given his injury history.
  16. You're spot on imo. I'd Draft him as my wr4/5 with hopes of wr2/3 production . Standard, season long.
  17. Im with you Id toss in Ekler and Elliot. Akers is must have imo. Hoping I draft late round and get a Combo of Aaron jones/Akers or Taylor/Akers https://www.turfshowtimes.com/2021/3/23/22347156/rams-rb-cam-akers-do-in-2021 FWIW
  18. That's right!! My bad lol that guy was messed up! The NFL's Bill Cosby.. Hopefully this plays out differently
  19. Shannon Sharper 2.0? I hope not, innocent untill proven guilty. If this goes away/proven innocent I'd bet he ends up a Panther.
  20. Hype train last year, Hype space shuttle this yr!! I'll be playing darts..
  21. Just like last year he was hyped up pretty good and I scooped Higbee and Fant rnd 12 -13. NBD If I don't get him someone else will be available.
  22. My strategy is to wait untill the final few rounds and scoop up 2 low end TE. Higbee smells like money with Stafford and Everett leaving in FA.
  23. The list of teams he would play for "leaK" Is kinda weird but no formal demand of anything has been made, true. Nothing at all he should have input and be able to express his desire for wr te rb whatever.. The whole things weird maybe Ciera wants out ot Seattle Fanrasy wise New Orleans would be a good place to cook.. would draft top 5ish regardless
  24. This is 1000% speculation. Maybe he/his team thinks it will be easier in another division considering how good the NFC west is now. I doubt it but it used to be a given they would win it .. they could finish 1st or 4th next yr imo Arizona SF LA all on the rise. When i first read he could be traded i thought it was bs and still kinda do. He has zero leverage and it just seems like off season radio filler/click bait articles to pressure the team to get oline help. If its true and he's a Bear or Raider next yr.. that would be cool. Teams might start rethinking long term contracts or put in new language or whatever to prevent this from happening. Repay contract / bonus who knows, thats what i'd do. I also wouldnt trade them Mike Brown style.
  25. They started losing and became one dimensional even more so when Carson went down and Russ started chucking ints and taking sacks from covered plays. I think there was a game where he tossed 3 ints maybe 4 i cant remember. After that Carson came back and they went back to Running more and WON. Fantasy wise RW fizzled near the end of the fantasy regular season and playoffs. Metcalf went ICE COLD the 2nd half of the season topping 100 yards once in the final 8 games. One thing i find funny is how RW always projects this clean positive uplifting image and is always over The top about the team, Seattle this and that for years now. Won a SB with the LOB and Lynch lost one they shoulda won because of RW goal line Int all the time being this ultra possitive team guy, 12th man for life if its his choice etc. and now he wants a trade.. what happened?
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