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  1. Current Team: Garland Diallo Barrett Ingram Noel Hield Porzingis Drummond Lowry Maledon Herro Tatum Brogdon
  2. Curry doesn't do much more than middleton. Grant > tobias so No and then your losing booker who isn't that special in Cat but a name you can get more than he's worth
  3. Id go towards the Middleton and Hayward if you need more assists and threes.
  4. What do you use to calculate the percentages or do you do it yourself by averaging?
  5. Kyle lowry luka doncic kristap bam drummond Barrett Buddy Herro Kyle Anderson Keldon Garland Diallo Meldon I would be able to swap Tatum for vucevic already been told and I’ll be better at center or I can find a new home for Ingram
  6. If you can handle the diminished assists and you can flip Collins for more than fox so I would
  7. I would drop LMA he provides low cat value against any of those you mentioned but Depends what cats you need
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